Data Privacy and Security

Data Privacy and Security

The OpenAI platform may collect some of your data from interactions to improve its functionality and the user experience. The type of data that's collected depends on the service or platform you're using and will abide by Open AI's Terms of Use. As AI technologies are majorly dependent on data quality, privacy protection is an integral part of our organization's mission. We at Zoho strive to strike a balance between user privacy, autonomy, and the generative AI's capabilities by gathering data from sources only after clear and informed user consent.
OpenAI's ChatGPT is an external service based out of the USA. 
You are required to ensure compliance with data processing transparency and notice to your users and clients as required by applicable data protection law. 

Zoho CRM

At Zoho, data security is of paramount importance. We understand our responsibility when it comes to customer data management. The following points will explain how we ensured data security in this collaboration.

Compliance to GDPR and HIPAA

Zoho CRM is compliant to GDPR and HIPAA guidelines. That said, as a data processor, we do not record or process your information without consent. However, as an administrator, you can moderate your preferences and choose to stop processing data, raise data delete requests, and restrict data access through API from our GDPR settings. Click here to learn more about GDPR in Zoho CRM.

As for HIPAA, Smart Prompt is not available for fields with health information and neither Zia nor ChatGPT can identify those field that are PHI encrypted. Click here to learn more about HIPAA compliance in Zoho CRM.

Handling of business emails

For emails, Smart Prompt can suggest new email content, rephrase, refine, or translate existing content, enhance vocabulary, make data points, amongst other possibilities. However, Smart Prompt will not consider the entire email thread to perform these activities. This means
  1. Smart Prompt cannot read your data unless prompted.
  2. Zia/ Zoho CRM will process only the content in composer, thereby masking the context of the correspondence. If the current information is sensitive, we suggest users use their discretion to try smart prompt on such occasions.
  3. No recipient information (to/cc/bcc) is subjected to OpenAI for processing.
  4. Your attachments are not crawled by either of the bots to process/ generate response.
  5. Your email content suggestions in the Smart Prompt window, once copied/ replaced to the compose window, will not be stored.
  6. For security purposes, we have not enabled Zia to fetch auto-fillable information from the record into the email window in this beta release (May, 2023).

Handling record information

  1. To curtail context derivation, Smart Prompt will not analyze/ process/ summarize your entire record information/ notes. You can only understand your record field-by-field (i.e.) you can only try Smart Prompt on fields one at a time, individually.
  2. Smart Prompt is not available for fields with personal and sensitive information. It is also not available for PHI encrypted fields.
  3. Only the generic field types like company, industry, and so on, are subjected for processing.
For more information on our privacy commitment, click here.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social will only share the information that is entered as a prompt inside of Social with Open AI. This is done only after users provide their consent through the privacy policy notice before they access the Compose with Zia feature for the first time.

Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ will only share chat transcripts, and tags OpenAI. This is done only after users provide their consent through the privacy policy notice.

Zoho Mail

For Zoho Mail, OpenAl only has access to the prompts and the email content that you apply the capability on, and does not have access to any other content that is part of your mailbox.

Zoho DataPrep 

Zoho DataPrep utilizes OpenAI's ChatGPT API, an external service based in the USA, subject to OpenAI's Terms of Use . Please be aware that the information sent to OpenAI depends on the access provided by you, the user. The data shared with ChatGPT is based on the features you enable. Details such as column names and/or selected cell data will be shared based on each feature. You can choose to enable or disable each feature based on the level of data you want to share. Therefore, exercise caution while using this service and ensure that the data you provide does not contain confidential or personal information. 

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk has given the option to configure both the features and the prediction preference when Zia powered by ChatGPT is enabled in a portal.
In order for the Ticket Prediction to happen, the recent ticket thread content is passed to the OpenAI's API. In case of Reply Assistance, along with the recent ticket thread content, Zia will also share the relevant KB articles to OpenAI to set the context.
The data is shared with OpenAI only after user reads the privacy notice and share their consent.

Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook app offers 2 types of Zia feature.
  1. Users can create contents right within the app, for this functionality only user's query is sent to Open AI.  For eg: "Write a note on climate crisis".
  2. Users can get insights for the note content they already have, for this functionality the note content or selected note content will be sent to Open AI for analysis and to get report. For eg: Summarize note - The note content/selected content will be sent to Open AI and a summary of the content generated by Open AI will be shown to the user.
To use any of these features, user must configure the Open AI API key in the app's settings and acknowledge the data privacy dialog shown below.

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist utilizes OpenAI's ChatGPT API, an external service based in the USA, subject to OpenAI's Terms of Use. Zoho Assist will only share the chat transcript  data during the session and the session summary data at the end of the session with OpenAI to generate automatic chat responses and session summary respectively. PII data such as Email addresses etc are masked at the code level and only the user's name is shared with OpenAI for the necessary features.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting uses OpenAI's ChatGPT API, an external service based in the USA, subject to OpenAI's Terms of Use. Zoho Meeting will only share recording transcripts of meetings and webinars with OpenAI, to auto-generate keynotes for the sessions. To enable automatic keynote generation, users must configure the Open AI API key in the app's settings and acknowledge the data privacy dialog.

Zoho LandingPage

The Zia Content Assistant in Zoho LandingPage allows users to selectively share landing page content with OpenAI for generating alternative suggestions. Users have the flexibility to customize the tone, character length, and keywords as variables to receive alternate suggestions from OpenAI.

Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer will only share the content that you enter as a prompt in Zia and the content selection in your document.

Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq incorporates OpenAI's ChatGPT APIs in two ways:
  1. Native integration
  2. ChatGPT extension
Native integration: In the native integration, users can choose to summarize all unread chat transcripts. The administrator has the option to enable or disable this feature. Before enabling it for users, the administrator must consent to the provided terms and conditions. When activated, this integration shares the entire unread chat transcript data.

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