How to customize access for specific modules?

How to customize access for specific modules?

Module configuration in Cliq lets you customize Cliq as per your organizational requirements. You can choose to enable and disable any module in Cliq and apply it for everyone across the organization. This configuration will apply for your whole organization, and the disabled modules will not show up anywhere when using Cliq. 
To customize your modules in Cliq, 
  1. Click on your profile picture to expand the user panel. Select Admin Panel listed under the My Organization section. 
  2. In the admin panel dashboard, go to Configurations under the Organization section. 

Admin Note:

Modules configuration is available under Cliq Paid plan and Zoho One suite.

The modules that can be customized are as follows:

Here, you can enable and disable any of the modules. This configuration will apply for your whole Cliq organization, and the disabled modules will not show up anywhere when using Cliq. The modules that can be customized are as follows: 


In this module, you can configure the different types of conversations such as direct messages, channels, and their availability to the organization along with message actions such as edit and delete message time frame. 

Delete and edit messages time frame

  • Configure the time limit within which the users can delete and edit a message they have sent. 
  • You can choose the time limit to be within minutes, hours, or days, with a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 60 days. The default time limit is 1 day for both actions.
  • Don't forget to save the configuration after setting the time limit for editing and deleting messages. 

Message Translation

  • Cliq supports message translation to all major languages powered by Zia translation.
  • Messages will be translated in-house by Zia and your data will stay within Zoho’s servers. You can choose to enable or disable message translation based on your organizational requirements. 

Pin Messages

You can pin important messages to a chat's header so they don't get missed out. Choose if you'd like to enable or disable the pinned messages option for your Cliq organization.


Cliq supports a wide variety of emoticons from native emojis called zomojis, to unicode emojis and GIFs powered by Giphy and Tenor. You can choose to disable all the emoticons or just a single emoticon variant.


  • You can disable the entire channels module or just a specific channel level based on your need.
  • When a channel level is disabled, it will be removed from your Cliq organization, i.e. the disabled level will not show up in Create Channels dialog. 
  • If channels under a level already exist and you choose to disable that level, then the existing channels will disappear from Cliq for all your users letting them know of the recent admin configuration using a pop-up. 
  • The existing channels that disappear will not be accessible to anyone even through the search bar.
  • If you enable the channel level again, then all the channels that disappeared will be visible and accessible from the Channels section in the left sidebar and also via search. 


  • You can choose to disable direct messages within a specific department, between different departments, and with external users. 
  • You can also configure the time limit available for a user to reply to a particular message. Say, for example, direct messages are restricted for users who fall under a specific role. Users who fall under the role with restricted direct message permissions will be able to reply to messages that are sent to them, within the specified time limit. 
  • On disabling direct messages under Chats, all existing 1-1 and group conversations will be removed from your Cliq organization. 
  • They will be removed from the @mentions tab, chat history, starred messages tab, and will also not appear in search results. 
  • Your organization members will not be able to start new 1-1 chats and group chats from anywhere in Cliq. 
  •  Email notifications for 1-1 and group conversations that are usually triggered when users are offline will also be disabled.  

    Note: As an admin, you enjoy the right to disable direct message permissions within your Cliq organization. When direct messages are disabled, users will not be able to send messages. However, they will be able to see the existing chat history and view profile information of other organization users.

Remote Work

  • In this module, you can choose to enable or disable the Remote Work view completely including the ability to check in and check out and the live video feed option. 
  • If you choose to disable check-in and check out, then users will not be able to see the check-in/out toggle in the left sidebar and will not find the check-in/out button in the remote work view as well. 

Live Media

  • In this module, you can configure audio/video Calls, screen share, and PrimeTime access for your whole organization. Just click on the toggle to disable the modules that you want to restrict and save the configuration. 
  • When you disable a module, then the respective feature will not be visible anywhere inside Cliq for your users. 
  • If a user is currently using a feature and you disable it, then they will be notified of the new configuration update through a pop-up dialog box after which the feature will not be accessible. 

    Example: If you disable audio calls, then the audio call icon will not be visible anywhere in Cliq for all your organization users.  If a user is on an audio call, during this configuration update, then pop-up dialog will be displayed letting the user know of the new admin configuration and the call will be ended. 

Calendar Events

  • Disabling this module will restrict your organization users from creating calendar events. 
  • Once disabled, the events icon will disappear from the top bar of Cliq and it will also be removed from quick plus options. 
  • When users try to access already created events, they will be shown a pop-up dialog box informing about the new admin configuration and the events will disappear. 


  • Disabling this module will restrict all your organization users from creating reminders. 
  • Once disabled, the reminders icon will disappear from the top bar of Cliq and it will also be removed from message actions and quick plus options. 
  • Already created reminders will not be available if the user tries to open or view it. 

Starred Messages

  • Disabling this module will restrict all your organization users from starring and bookmarking important messages for future reference. 
  • Once disabled, the star messages icon will disappear from the top bar of Cliq and it will also be removed from message actions. 
  • If a user tries to star a message or click on the starred messages icon immediately after you have disabled the access, they will be informed of the new admin configuration by a pop-up. 


  • In this module, you can configure integration components access for your whole organization. Just toggle to disable/enable the components and save your changes. 
  • The disabled components will be removed from Cliq, and the already existing components will not be executable anymore. 
    Say you disable Schedulers, then the existing schedulers will stop their functioning. 
  • If you disable extensions, your organization users will not be able to install any new extensions from the marketplace. 

Migration Tools

  • In this module, you can configure if migration services can be accessed by admins of your Cliq organization. Toggle to disable the migration tool that you want to restrict your admins from using. 
  • If fully disabled, the Migration tool will not be visible in the User Panel. If partially disabled, only the disabled service will not be visible to your admins. 

Mobile Access

  • In this module, you can configure a device management token that can be used to distribute Cliq app via your EMM service provider. To know more about EMM integrations that Cliq provides. This configuration works only when the device restriction permission under the Roles module is enabled. 

Help Resources

  • In this module, you can choose to configure if the help resources section in the user panel should be accessible to your organization users. You can choose to enable the entire section or just a select few help items or disable the section completely. 
  • Once disabled, the Help section will not be available for all your organization users. 


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