Actions that you can perform in a Cliq meeting

Actions that you can perform in a Cliq meeting

Scheduling Cliq Audio / Video Meeting:

  1. Schedule  Audio / Video Meeting  from Calendar Events

  1. Schedule Audio / Video Meeting  from Remote work

Initiating Audio / Video Meeting:

  1. Initiate Audio / Video Meeting from a channel (Channel Meeting)

  1. Initiate  Audio / Video Meeting via Quick action icon ( Instant meeting)

  1. Initiate Audio / Video Meeting via Remote Work ( Remote meeting)

  1. Initiate  Audio / Video Meeting from History

  1. Schedule Audio / Video Meeting from Threads

Adding participants to meetings:

If you have initiated your call via    Calendar Events /  Channel Meeting / Adhoc chats /  Threads follow the below steps to add participants:
  1. Click on Start Meeting
  2. Select your preferred type of meeting
  3. Enter the name of your meeting. (By default current date and your channel name will be taken as the Topic however, you can edit and rename it as per your preference) 
  4. Set the Date & Time of the meeting
  5. Enter the Location of your meeting
  6. Select your preferred mode of conversation
  7. Add Co-hosts
  8. Add Speakers 
  9. Click on the Recording toggle to enable recording
  10. Click on the Permissions and set permissions according to your requirement
  11. Click on Next
  12. Manage audio and video settings
  13. Click on Start Meeting

If you have initiated your call via  Quick action icon  and Remote Work follow the below steps to add participants:

Adding participants to instant meetings

Click on the  Add participant button present in the bottom menu
You can invite participants in the following ways:
  1. Send invitation to the participants via mail
  2. Click on the plus icon and Invite users

  1. Click on Copy Invitation and share it with the members in your organization
You can also add a participant to a meeting by clicking on the Invite option present adjacent to "Participants" from the participant panel.

Adding External Participants

  1. Click on the invite participant icon
  2. Enable  Allow external users to join using this link
  3. Copy Link
  4. Share it with the external user 
For the meetings initiated from History, t he participants in your pre-initiated meeting will by default become the current participants of your meeting.


The Chat icon is made available at the top right corner of your meeting window. You can click on it to have conversations 

Participants Panel

Click on the participants icon present at the top right corner of your meeting to access the participants panel.  Here you can view the host, co-host, participants and the users who have not yet to joined the meeting.

Actions available in Participants Panel

  1. Ring all: The ring all option is made available adjacent to Yet to join users . Clicking on Ring all will notify the added participants in the meeting.

  1. Mute All, Unmute all  and Invite participant options are made available when hovered over joined participants. Click on the respective options to perform the required actions.

  1. To request a participant to unmute, to make them Co-host and to restrict a user from unmuting themselves " Hover over the individual participants then click on the 3 dots, the following options will be made available: "Ask to unmute", "Make Co-host" and "Restrict unmute".

  1. Mute individual participant: Hover over the participant you want to mute, Click on the mute icon that appears.

Actions available in the meeting menu

The meeting menu is aligned at the centre bottom of the meeting. you have the following options made available there:

  1. Turn mic off : Click on the Turn mic off icon to mute yourself
  2. End meeting: Click on the End Meeting icon to end your meeting
  3. Leave meeting: Click on the End Meeting icon, option to leave the meeting will appear, click on it to leave the meeting
Note: When the Host leaves a meeting, they will be presented with the option to assign a new host 

Share: You have the following options made available under Share

  1. Start Whiteboard: The Host can Share a whiteboard  by clicking on the Share icon and selecting Start Whiteboard
  2. Screen Share: The Host the active participants can Share a whiteboard  by clicking on the Share icon and selecting Screen Share.Only one participant can share their screen at a particular time.

Add Reactions:

By default All reactions will be enabled in permission settings, if required you can constrain your meeting  audience to use only the basic reactions via Permissions


  1. Enable Reaction permissions as per your preference from permission settings
  2. Click on the Add reactions icon and respond with a Reaction/Emojis / GIF/ Custom Stickers
  1. Gestures

  1. Enable Gestures from permission settings
  2. Click on the 3 dots in the meeting menu, select reactions
  3. Click on the Add reactions icon and respond with a gesture

More: You have the following options made available under More.
  1. Start recording: Record an ongoing call by clicking on Start recording.
  2. SettingsFrom Settings, the Host will be able to edit the Permissions /General configurations /Personal configurations and Device settings permissions during a meeting.
The below options are made available in video meeting:
  1. Focus mode (This option is made available for Host and Co-host only)

  1. With Focus mode you can focus on a particular participant of your choice, the other members are muted when focus mode is enabled. 
  2. Once you click on the focus mode option you will be able to select the participant that you would like to focus on from the Focus Mode dropdown.
  1. Turn off your video camera by clicking on the video icon                    

Participant requests icon  (Available for the Host & Co-host)

The Host can  approve or deny the following request from here:
  1. Request to Share Screen
  2. Request to edit Whiteboard
  3. Request to speak
  4. Approve user to join the meeting

Switch Views in meeting

You can switch between grid view and bubble view according to your convenience in a meeting, you have the following views made available:
  1. Grid view  (Available in both audio and video meeting)

  1. Bubble view (Available in audio meeting)

  1. Stage View (Available in video meeting)

Spotlight (available only in a video call)

The Spotlight feature allows up to seven participants to take centre stage. The  host and the co-host of the meeting can select participants and set them in the Spotlight and can allow active speakers in the meeting to take the spotlight. For example, the host can set  3 of 7 people in the spotlight and can choose to allow four active speakers in the meeting to occupy the Spotlight.

 Follow the below instructions to turn on Spotlight
  1. Start a video call
  2. Click on the meatball icon(3 dots)
  3. Select Spotlight

  1. Click on the Spotlight dropdown and enable  the "Allow active speakers in the spotlight" option
  2. To turn off Spotlight, select Disable

The host can remove a participant from the spotlight as well as mute them. The host can access these options by clicking on the meatball icon(3 dots).

Expand your meeting screen

Click on the  Open full screen icon at the bottom right of your screen to expand your meeting screen.

Minimize your meeting screen

Click on the minimize icon to minimize your meeting screen.

Leave Meeting

As a host when you leave a meeting, you will be asked to assign a new host to the ongoing meeting before leave. To assign a new user as the host of the meeting, click on the Select a user dropdown, choose a preferred host and click on Assign and Leave.

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