How to start an Audio Conference

How to start an Audio Conference

Is your team spread at different locations, planning for a quick meeting? Or a couple of your colleagues are in for a brainstorm session? Make virtual meetings and remote communication possible now, with Cliq's Audio Conference.

To start an Audio or a Video Conference, open a Group Conversation that you are a part of and follow the steps given below.

1. Click on the Group video call option present in the chat header followed by Conference.
2. In the Conference window, give in the

Topic - The subject of discussion.
Mode - Specify the type of conference as either Audio or Video Conference.

Audio Conference

When you lead a growing business, communication and better decisions are always of the highest importance. The Audio Conference feature in Cliq lets you collaborate with 60 people straight away.

3. After picking the type of conference, click on the Next button.
4. Set up your Microphone and Camera and click on the Start button to start the conference.
5. Once the Start button is clicked, users would be notified about the conference and can join by clicking on the link posted in the respective conversation.

Actions that you can perform in an Audio Conference

Listed down are actions that you can perform while being in an Audio Conference.

1. You can choose between turning on or off the audio anytime you want using the Turn Mic Off button.
2. Share your screen with users participating in the Audio Conference, clicking on the Screen Share button.
3. Click on the Add Reactions button to send reactions across the screen as you are speaking.
4. Before 60 participants occupy the room, you can add participants to the Audio conference belonging to your organization or outside your Cliq organization, using the Invite Users button.

You can invite participants in two ways.

The Invite option

To invite a user belonging to your organization follow the given steps below,

  • Specify the email addresses of the users whom you want to include in the Audio Conference.
  • Click on the Invite button.
  • Clicking on the Invite button would send an invite email to the cited users.
  • Once the user clicks on the Join this event button in the invite email, they'd be taken to the Audio Conference window.

To invite members outside your Cliq organization to the Audio Conference,

  • Copy paste this link in common forums and let users join by clicking on the link.
  • All that a user has to do is, click on the link, specify their Name and Email Address and click on the Join Conference button.
  • This would direct them to the Audio Conference window.

5. Go about doing your work in Cliq by still being a part of the Audio Conference, clicking on the Minimize option.
6. To disconnect the Audio Conference click on the End Conference button.
7. Additionally, chat with members in the group conversation where you initiated the Audio conference using the Chat button.

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