Threads in Cliq

Threads in Cliq

Threads are a group of related messages in reference to a particular subject or a topic made available exclusively in channels. When multiple people converse in a channel on various topics, you tend to lose focus on the topics that are being discussed. With threads, you can have conversations about multiple topics in the same channel by creating multiple threads, without causing any disturbance to other topics of interest that are being simultaneously discussed.

Configuring Threads in Cliq

Enabling threads in Cliq is quite simple. The admin of the organization has to configure the Reply modes for channel levels as "Threads" and the channel admin has to set "Threads" as the reply mode to allow the users to reply in threads.

Using Threads

  1. Message menu will be displayed when you hover over a message. Select the Reply in Thread option. Now when you reply to messages, threads will be created
  2. You and the person whose message you replied to by default become the followers of the thread
  3. You can add users as followers to a thread
  4. Threads in a channel can be followed by any user who is a part of that channel
  5. Cliq also provides multiple ways to view and receive notifications for threads to help users organize threads better
Some of the other actions that you can perform in threads are:
  1. Make calls within threads
  2. Forward message from a thread
  3. Follow / Unfollow a thread
  4. Add followers to a thread
  5. Share a thread via Permalink
  6. Close a thread
  7. Print a thread
  8. Unpin Thread
  9. Schedule Meetings in thread
  10. Set a Reminder in thread
  11. Turn off history in a thread
  12. View all the media in a thread
  13. Rename a thread
  14. Search in the thread
  15. Open as new chat
  16. Search a thread
Note: The action numbers : 4-12 can be performed by clicking on the Action menu made available in the thread
Admin Note: Refer the link to know about how you can configure threads in Cliq .

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