Navigation Sidebar

Navigation Sidebar

The Navigation sidebar in Cliq is designed to provide you with easy accessibility to the components that are essential for you to connect, communicate and collaborate.  

Customizing your navigation sidebar in Cliq
Here are the two available views for customizing your navigation sidebar in Cliq.
  • Categorized View

  • Consolidated View

Click on your profile picture -> Profile and Settings -> General 

In the general settings page you have options to choose a desired view and rearrange the sections to your convenience.

Categorized View  

Here you can view all your notifications under specific sections.  This view provides you with a separate section for pins, the chat section is categorized to have all your direct messages at the top and your group chats can be found below it.

Consolidated view

In this section, My Pins is consolidated under the chats section and you have an additional quick access section for contacts.

Customizing your Bot section. 

In both the views you have options to have a separate section for Bots. In the Categorized View, you can either choose to have your Bot section under chats or as a separate menu in the navigation sidebar.

In the consolidated view, you can choose to have your bot section under Contacts or as a separate menu in the navigation sidebar.

Quick access sections in the navigation sidebar.
  • My Pins

  • Chats

  • Contacts

  • Channels

  • History

  • Files

  • Widgets

  • People

  • Bots

My Pins

Pin your significant and frequent contacts, chats and channels under My Pins.

Reorder Pins

  1. Click on the three dots present in the My Pins section. 
  2. Select Reorder Pins.
  3. Click on the conversation you want to reorder then drag and rearrange it, according to your preference.
  4. Click Done.

Here's how you can Pin and Unpin a conversation


To pin a chat hover over the name of the person/group chat from the chat/channel/contacts section then click on the Pin icon.  Once you pin a conversation you will be able to view them under the My Pins section.


Hover over chat/channel/contact and click on the unpin icon, to unpin a conversation


Here you can find all your recent direct messages and group chats. Under Direct Message, next to the name of the individual, you can catch a glimpse of their current availability status before you ping them.



  • Send a Direct Message

  • Create a Group Conversation.

  • Pin

  • Unpin  

Send a Direct Message

  1. Click on the plus icon present adjacent to the direct message.

  2. Search and select the person you want to send the direct message to. 

Create a Group Conversation
  1. Click on the plus icon present adjacent to Group Conversation.

  2. Search and select the contacts you want to create a group chat with.

further you can mute a conversation or mark a message as unread by hovering over the name of the chat, right click on it  and select an  appropriate action.


Here you can find all the channels that you are a part of being categorically listed as Team, Organization, Personal and External channels.



  • Create Channel

  • Join Channels

  • Search

  • View unread chats  

Create Channel  

  1. Click on the Plus icon in the channels section.

  2. Select the channel level you want to create.

  3. Enter the required details.

  4. Click Create Channel.


Join a channel by clicking on the join button present next to Channels or by clicking on the three dots present adjacent to Organization and External to join respective channels


Enter the name of the channel in the search bar and quickly find the channels that you already are a part of.

View unread chats

Click on the list button present next to the search bar in the channels section to view only the chats with unread messages.

further you can mute a conversation, view channel info, mark a message as unread by hovering over the name of the channel, right click on it  and select an  appropriate action.


The History section contains the logs of your entire direct calls, group calls, conversations and broadcasts. From the chat history you can contextually search and retrieve the required data from your past conversations.

Clicking on the chat history icon will show you the following categorization.  

  • Direct Calls

  • Group Calls

  • Conversations

  • Broadcasts

Clicking on each will take you to their respective history.

Direct Call History

The direct call history contains the log of your 1-1 calls in Cliq. You can view them categorically by selecting the missed and received options. From the very view you can make audio / video calls and can specifically look for call logs with a particular individual by clicking on the "Logs of" dropdown.



  • Make audio/video call

  • View your missed/received calls

  • View Call logs with an individual

  • Make a direct call

  • Make a video call

  • Navigate to the respective chat

Make audio/video call

  • Click on the Make Audio/Video Call button at the top right corner of the page to make quick calls.  

View your missed/received calls

  • Click on the Missed and Received buttons at the top of your Direct calls page to view your call logs categorically

View Call logs with an individual

  • Click on the "Logs of" dropdown at the top right corner, just below the Make Audio/Video Call button and select Call(s) with.

  1. Select an individual to view your history of calls with them.

Make a direct call

  1. Click on the call button to make a direct call.

Make a video call

  1. Click on the video button to make a video call.
  1. Click on the chat button to navigate to the respective chat.

Conversation History

Here, you can look up for any of your chats however old they are, i.e. chats right from the start of your cliq account. All you have to do is, just type in a few characters of the chat title and the results will be populated for you. 


Start Chat  

Start a direct chat from this view by clicking on the Start Chat button.

Group Call History

The Group call history section lists all the group calls, you were a part of. From this very view you can navigate to the chat section of the respective group chats and can also start the group call with the same individuals with a single click.



  • Start a new group call

  • Re-initiate a group call

  • View details of the group calls

  • Navigate to the respective group call chat

Start a group call

Click on the Start Group Call button at the top right corner to set-up a quick group call.

Re-initiate a group call 

Click on the Start again button to set up a group call with the same participants.

View details of the group call 

Click on the desired call log to view the details of the group call.

Click on the chat icon to navigate to the respective chat of the group call.

Broadcast History  

Here you can see all the broadcasts that you have been a part of. From here, you can start a new broadcast, view a list of your previous broadcasts with specific individuals, view the details of your broadcasts and re-initiate a broadcast with the same participants.



  1. Start Broadcast
  2. View your previous broadcast with your selected members
  3. Re-initiate a broadcast
  4. View details of the broadcasts
  5. Navigate to the respective broadcast 

Start Broadcast

Click on the Start Broadcast button at the top right corner to set-up a quick broadcast. 

View your previous broadcast with your selected members

  1. Click on the Logs Of dropdown, select Call(s) With.

  2. Select the individuals you want to view your previous broadcast with.

Re-initiate a broadcast

Click on the Start again button to set up a broadcast with the same participants. 

View details of the broadcast

Click on the desired broadcast log to view the details of the broadcast. 
Click on the chat icon to navigate to the respective chat of the broadcast.
This is your file repository, it has the following categorized sections to help you find the file you are looking for easily. 

Shared in Cliq

All the audio, video, Images and files that you have shared, you have access to while having a conversation via Cliq can be found here. 


Taz is your personal bot in Cliq. Taz keeps you informed by notifying you about the files that are shared with you by your co-workers. All the files that have been notified to you via Taz can be found here.

Search bar in files

The search bar in files section is equipped with OCR, which means you can search for an object or an image by typing its text. ie: You can pull the image of an apple by simply entering apple in the search bar or say you have a text written on an image, its possible retrieve those texts too. 

Shared by filter 

You have the shared by filter on the top right corner next to search. Click on it and select appropriate options to view the files you have shared, the files you have shared with a specific user or view all the files shared to you. 

Edit(image), download and forward your files 

Click on a file, at the bottom right corner, you can view edit(only available for images), download and forward option, click on the preferred to perform the action. 


Click on the calendar icon and select a time-period from the given options to view the files shared in that period of time. 

Select your preferred view 

You can select to view your files in list view or grid view by clicking on the button present next to the calendar button.
  1. Edit(image), download and forward your files
  2. File actions
File actions

Hover over the file and click on the 3 dots, you will be able to see a list of actions,
  • Forward

  • Go to message

  • Reply

  • Delete

  • More

Select the required action you want to perform. 


Extensions in Cliq are often accompanied by widgets.  All the installed extensions that have widgets are listed in this section. 


The people section in the Cliq navigation sidebar provides information about all the users in your organization. You can selectively choose to view the users in the provided categorizations   

  • All Users:    All the users in your organization are displayed.

  • My Department: All your co-workers in your department are displayed.

  • My Direct Reports: All the employees reporting to you are displayed here.                                    

  • Perform audio/video calls, message and view details of a person

  • Search                                     

Perform audio/video calls, message and view details of a person

You can see that the people of you organization are laid out as cards in this view. To perform the following actions, hover over card, you will see options to perform audio/video calls, clicking on the chat button will  you to respective chat and you can view their user profile details by clicking on the i button.


Search for a person by entering their name or their email address in the search bar made available at the top of the people tab.


All the Bots that you have subscribed to can be found here. Clicking on the + icon present next to Bots will allow you to create and subscribe to bots.

Notification Count
When you receive a message in a channel / chat or when you have a missed call, you will be able to see them as notifications on the chats, channels, pins and history menu respectively.

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