Cliq Cart

Cliq Cart

Cliq Cart is a nifty e-commerce tool crafted for your organization and teams to seamlessly browse, purchase, sell, and even host auctions without leaving Zoho Cliq.

Whether you're searching for essential office supplies, showcasing your latest products to your teammates, or participating in exciting bidding wars for that must-have gadget, company merch, books, tech, and more, Cliq Cart has got you covered.

The extension is available in the following regions:
United States (US), India (IN), Europe (EU), Australia (AU), Canada (CN), and Japan (JP) .



  • Specify if you want to install the extension for your entire organization or specific teams and click Install.

  • Accept the extension's permission requests, and you're good to go.


1. Create Seller Profile
To start selling products, create your profile with your email ID and mobile number so buyers can easily contact you.

  • Click the + Create profile button in the welcome message.

  • Along with your email ID prefilled, you can optionally add your mobile number if needed for buyers to quickly contact you.

  • Once done, either select one of the connections to reuse its authentications or select New account → Accept to allow Cliq access to the necessary data for the extension to function effectively. Once this is done, you're all set to begin selling.


  • You can always edit these details later if needed by clicking on the Edit profile menu action in the bot below.

2. Sell
Add your products to get them listed and sell them, connecting with potential buyers seamlessly.

  • Click on the Sell menu action below in the Cliq Cart bot.

  • Fill out the details of the product you'd like to sell in the Add Products form.

  1. Name : Title of the product you'd like to sell.

  2. Category : Select a category that best fits your product, or choose 'Others' for a custom category.

  3. Description : Provide detailed specifications of your product, its condition (new or used), features, or any other relevant information.

  4. Photo : Upload images that clearly show the appearance and condition of your product (Supported formats are .jpg, .png, and .jpeg)

  5. Price : Set the selling price for your product.

  6. Go for a Bid: Toggle on if you want to start an auction for your product. If yes, specify the starting price for the bid (this should be the minimum amount you're willing to sell for, as buyers can bid higher.

  • Tap 'Add' to list your product.

3. View your products
You can see a list of all the products you have listed in the marketplace and thus manage your listings, check their status, and make any necessary updates or changes.

  • Click on the My Products menu action below in the Cliq Cart bot to view all your products in the bot.

  • You can also view all your products with the Cliq Cart widget. Go to More Apps → search for "Cliq Cart" and go to the "My Products" tab to view all your listed products.

  • You can do further actions such as update the product details, share to any conversation for a better reach, or mark as sold once you've successfully sold it.

 3. Buy

Browse and purchase products listed in the marketplace, where you can view product details, photos, prices, and place orders. For items with the "Bid" option, you can also participate in bidding. You can browse for items in 2 ways →

  • via Bot: Click on the Buy option from the menu action to see all available products.

  • via Widget: Navigate to More Apps → Cliq Cart → Buy Now tab for a comprehensive view of available products.

  • You can also chat with the seller to inquire about more details and also share the item in any conversation for discussion.

4. Bid
Bidding allows you to participate in auctions for items listed in the marketplace by placing bids on items you're interested in.

POV: Seller

  • If an item is available for bidding, you can quote a fair amount you're willing to pay for it. However, the seller ultimately decides whether to sell the item to you.

  • Note: You cannot bid lower than the starting price.

  • Navigate to the last tab in the widget, 'My Biddings' to view, edit, and manage all your product bids.

POV: Buyer

  • Once a bid is placed, you'll receive an alert in the bot notifying you of the bidder and the bid amount.

  • Via the widget, You can also view all your bidders list under Your products.


5. Add to Wishlist️
Save products you're interested in for future reference and create a personalized list of items you may want to purchase later.

  • You can click "Add to Wishlist" for any item to save it in your Wishlist tab within the Cliq Cart widget for easy access later. You can remove it later if it's sold out or if you no longer need it.


6. Subscribe for Notifications
Stay updated with new product listings in the marketplace by setting up alerts for your preferred channel.

  • Navigate to the Notifications menu in the Cliq Cart bot and select your preferred channel to receive instant alerts for new product drops.




"Why am I unable to upload images when trying to add a product, showing errors like "Image not uploaded" or "Workdrive plan has exceeded"?

If you are encountering errors while uploading images, it could be due to your Zoho Workdrive plan reaching its limit or expiration.

Workdrive provides a 15-day Business Plan trial, after which you must manually downgrade to the Free Essentials Plan. If your plan has expired or not been downgraded, you may experience limitations in uploading or sharing files, including through API.


Explore the marketplace, engage in auctions, and stay informed about new products within your workplace and teams. Whether you're searching for something specific or just browsing, Cliq Cart makes buying and selling a breeze.

Install the Cliq Cart extension to start selling and discovering products and crafts within your organization today →

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