By integrating GitLab with Zoho Cliq, you can keep your team informed and improve communication for your GitLab projects by receiving notifications, updates, and alerts from GitLab in real-time within Zoho Cliq.

Available Regions 

US, IN, EU, AU and CN

Available Plans 

All plans

Roles in GitLab 
There are 6 roles available in GitLab: guest, reporter, developer, maintainer, and owner. The permissions and actions a member can perform in GitLab depend on their role. Let's see what actions a user can perform based on their roles.

Permissions based on Roles









Create Issue


Assign Issue



Close/ReOpen Issue



Merge Request

Create Merge Request





Edit Merge Request





Close/ReOpen Merge Request





To install GitLab, do the following:
  1. Search for GitLab in Zoho Cliq Marketplace, and click on the Install button.
  2. After successful Installation, select Take me to Cliq button.

GitLab Bot 

Bot Actions

Using the GitLab Bot , you will be able to enable alerts by mapping a project to a channel to receive timely notifications about issues, commits and merge requests.

Enable Alerts 

Enabling alerts will help you get instant notifications or weekly reports on all the updates to the mapped project in a channel.


  • You will receive notifications related to pipelines, release and wiki page events from GitLab.

  • When a user creates a new issue or a merge request, a thread will be created, and all the notifications related to it will be posted inside the thread. This helps the user keep track of all the actions that took place.

To enable alerts to a channel, do the following:
  1. Select the "Enable Alert" message action.
  2. In the project alerts pop-up, select the projecttype of alert, and channel, and click on Enable.
  3. Any notifications related to the project will be posted in the channel.

Config Alerts 

The config alerts message action will display a list of all the configured projects.
To view the list in detail, select the configured projects table. You will be able to view the projects, their mapped channelmapped by, and type of alerts. Under actions, you can update the project or channel and disable the project from the channel.


The help bot action will give you a gist of all the actions that you can perform by integrating GitLab.



Using the /gitlabprojects command, you can view all your projects and their associated merge requests, issues, and commits.

GitLab - Dashboard 

You can view the GitLab dashboard from the More apps in the navigation sidebar. You can also select Add to Sidebar to pin the widget to the navigation sidebar.

The GitLab widget displays a dashboard of commits, issues, merge requests and stats.


In the commits section, select Change Branch to view commits of other branches in a project or Switch Project to view commits from a different project.
The following options are available in the commits -
  1. Add Comment - You can add a comment for a particular commit.
  2. View Comment - You can view all the comments made for the particular commit.


Issues related to a particular project will be displayed. You can create an issue if you're role is an Owner or a Maintainer. You can select Switch Project to view issues from a different project. The issues are categorized as open or closed.
The following options are available for an issue:
  1. More info - You can view information related to the issue such as due date, assignee, severity and milestone.
  2. Edit Issue - You can edit the title, description, type, assignees, due date and labels.
  3. Close Issue - You can close the issue and the issue will be displayed under the Closed category.
  4. Add Comment - You can add a comment for a particular issue.
  5. View Activities - You can view all the actions performed for that particular issue. 

Merge Requests 

Merge requests of a particular project will be displayed. The merge requests are categorized into openmerged and closedYou can select Switch Project to view merge requests from a different project.
The following options are available for a merge request:
  1. No Conflicts/Conflicts Present - This option indicates whether the merge request has no conflicts when there are no conflicts in the merge and shows conflicts when there are conflicts in the merge.
  2. More Info - You can view information related to the merge request such as assigneesdetailed merged statusreviewers and milestone.
  3. Add Comment - You can add a comment for a particular issue.
  4. View Activities - You can view all the actions performed for that particular issue.
  5. Merge - You can merge an open merge request.
  6. Edit Request - You can edit titledescriptionassigneesreviewers, and labels.
  7. Close Request/Re-Open Request - You can close or reopen a merge request.


The stats of issues that are open or closed and merge requests that are open, merged, or closed will be displayed in the form of a pie chart and table.

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