Orchestly for Zoho Cliq

Orchestly for Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq is a team communication application that simplifies collaboration and promotes organized conversations in the workplace.

Benefits of the Extension

By integrating Zoho Cliq with Qntrl, users can create new jobs and work on them in Qntrl, right from Zoho Cliq. Users can also choose to receive instant notifications in Zoho Cliq when updates are performed in Qntrl.

Requirement:  The user must have accounts in both Zoho Cliq and  Qntrl 

Install the Orchestly bot in Zoho Cliq 

The Orchestly bot is an automated assistant that notifies users in Zoho Cliq about designated jobs, upcoming transitions, and job progressions in their organization.

First, install the  Orchestly  bot.
  1. Log in to your Zoho Cliq account.
  2. Navigate to the Bots section in the left panel.
  3. Click  , search for ‘ Orchestly  Bot’ and Subscribe to it.

Configuring the Orchestly Bot  

Once you have subscribed to the bot, you can configure it with default a Organization and Layout.
  1. Click Configure on the bottom panel.
  2. You will be prompted by Zoho Cliq to give consent to access your Qntrl account. Confirm your consent here.
Once your consent has been validated, you will receive the following message from the  Orchestly  bot:

  1. Click  Set Organization 
  2. Give your consent to access your Qntrl account.
  3. Select the Organization Name and click Proceed .
  4. Confirm your consent.

Once a default organization has been set, you can select a Layout in the default organization.

  1. Click Set Layout .
  2. Provide your consent to access your Qntrl account. 
  3. Select a Layout Name and click Proceed .
  4. Confirm your consent.
The selected layout will be set as the default layout.

Creating channels in Zoho Cliq 

Channels enhance collaboration between groups of users in an organization. They provide a common space for users to discuss ideas, progress, and the statuses of different Jobs. 
In this integration, channels are used to send notifications about job updates to the users in a team. The next section will cover the steps to map Zoho Cliq’s channels with Qntrl’s Teams to manage notifications.

First, follow these steps to create a channel: 
  1. Navigate to Channels in the left panel.
  2. Click  , enter the details, and click Create Channel .

Make sure the participants of the channel are the members of your Team in Qntrl.

Configuring Zoho Cliq in Qntrl             

You can map Qntrl’s teams with Zoho Cliq’s channels to send actionable notifications to the users. Once a team is mapped to a channel in Cliq, notifications will be sent to the channel every time a job associated with the team is updated.
  1. Log in to Qntrl and navigate to Integrations under Extensions from the menu.
  2. Invoke  Zoho Cliq for Orchestly  
  3. Click the Add Team button at the top right corner. 
  4. Map your team in Qntrl to a channel in Zoho Cliq.
  5. Toggle the button to enable or disable notifications related to job updates, job transitions, and field updates.

  1. Personal notifications will be sent to job assignees.
  2. Channel notifications will be sent when the job is assigned to the team.

List of actions supported in Zoho Cliq 

Add Job 

Once the default organization and layout have been set, click Add Job at the bottom panel. Fill in the job details and click Create Job. A new job will be created in Qntrl.

My Jobs 

You can view a list of the jobs assigned to you by clicking My Jobs on the bottom panel.

My Requests 

You can view a list of the jobs you have created by clicking My Requests on the bottom panel.

Perform transitions 

Users will receive actionable notifications when  the jobs assigned to them or associated with their team are updated. To perform the transition, click the next transition button available in the job notification.

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