Poll Bot

Poll Bot

Available Regions: 

US, IN, EU, AU and CN

Available Plans:

All Plans

Available To:
RolesEntire organizationTeam
Organizational Admins
Members  ✔

Business scenario: 

You want to get a review round-up for your products revamped logo.


Asking for your everyone’s opinion in a team channel might create a lot of clutter, not to mention the amount of messages!


 Run a quick poll with all the options and let your team members take their pick, here's how

  • Install the Poll Bot extension for Cliq.
  • Use /poll or @Poll Bot Run a Poll command in any chat or
  • Navigate to Create Poll in the Poll Bot widget to run a poll.

What this help page will cover: 

  • Getting started with Poll Bot in Cliq
  • Create a Poll
  • Help
  • Poll Bot Widget
  • Installation

Getting started with Poll Bot in Cliq

You can make use of the poll bot's services by subscribing to it.

  1. Click on the + of Bots in the left sidebar.
  2. In the popup that appears, look for Poll Bot and subscribe to it.

When subscribing to the bot, A consents dialog requesting permission to allow access will appear. This consents box is to ensure privacy by letting you know how your data will be handled. To know more, check out the related link at bottom of this page. After subscribing to the bot, you can use it to run and manage your polls.

Create a Poll

  1. You can swiftly create polls via Poll Bot in three efficient ways:
    • By clicking on the Create a Poll bot menu action present in the Poll Bot's chat window. 
    • By entering the command /poll@Poll Bot Run a Poll or @Poll Bot Create a Poll in any chat. 
    • By selecting the Poll Bot widget from thewidgets bar and then navigating to the Create Poll button present in the top right corner of the active polls tab. 
  2. After selecting Create a Poll from the above available options, a poll form will appear on your screen.
  3. Type in yourpoll question. 
  4. Select the time duration from the available options for your poll. 
  5. Select the number of options you would like to provide for your poll, the minimum being 2 and maximum 5. You can then enter your poll options. 
  6. View result - You can specify who can view your poll results under.
    • Only me - Only the person who created the poll can view the results. (go to step 9)​
    • All participants - Both the participants and the poll creator can view the poll results. 
  7. Display result - You can specify when to display your poll results.
    • After voting - The results will be displayed, right after the participants cast their vote. 
    • Forever / Anytime - The results will be constantly updated for the participants to view, i.e: a person can view the poll results before or even without participating in the poll. 
    • After the poll ends - The results will be displayed once the poll duration is complete.
  8. You can choose to display your poll results in the following result types.
    • Show vote count - By choosing this option, the poll creator and the participants will be able to see the total number of votes received for each option.
    • Show vote count and participants name - By choosing this option, the poll results will display the vote count for each option along with the participant's name
  9. Modify Choices - The poll creator can choose to allow poll participants to change/recast their vote.
  10. From the chats dropdown, choose the chats you want to run your poll in.  
  11. Once you've chosen everything, click on Create Poll. Now, sit back and relax while Poll Bot works to simplify your decision-making.


The help bot menu action in the Poll Bot provides you with information on how you can leverage various actions available in it.

Poll Bot widget

The Poll Bot widget consists of the following tabs to manage your polling with ease.

  • Active Polls
  • Completed Polls
  • My Participations
  • Configurations

Active Polls

The Active Poll tab provides you with an insight about your current polls that are active and allows you to manage them via options such as:

  • Create - You can create a poll by clicking the Create Poll button present in the top right corner of the active poll tab.​​ 


If you haven't created any polls yet, you can directly click on the Create Poll button present in the Active Polls tab. 

  • Share - Select the Share button present below the poll you created and choose the chat you want to share your poll in.
  • Extend - Select the extend button present below the poll you created and choose the new duration from the dropdown menu to extend your poll.
  • End - Select the end button present below the poll you created to end your poll. The result of the poll is immediately displayed when you end your poll.
  • Results - Select the result button present below the poll you created to see your results. The results of the ongoing polls are reflected here.

Completed Polls

The completed polls tab shows all the previous polls hosted by you. You can view the results of these completed polls by clicking on the Results button present below the respective polls you had hosted.

My Participations

My participation tab lists out all the polls that you had previously participated in. The answers you choose in your previous polls are highlighted with a tick symbol enclosed in a green checkbox and the results of the poll are displayed below the respective poll.


The Configuration tab shows you the poll statistics based on certain polling conditions:

Polling time - The poll timings are categorized into:

  • Last week
  • Last 3 weeks
  • Last month
  • Last 3 months
  • Last year

Polls created - The number of polls created within the categorized polling times is mentioned here.

Polls cast - Poll cast shows you the number of users who cast their vote within the specific polling time. Admins can clear the data statistics of the poll by clicking on the Clear data button present below the poll stats however, it is to be noted that recent data (past week) cannot be deleted and non-admins can only view the stats, cannot delete them.


ActionsChannel NotificationBot Notification
Poll Result



Install the Poll Bot extension by clicking on the button below, and experience breezy decision-making from the comfort of your Cliq chat window. Note: Only organization admins can install an extension for the entire organization, whereas users can install only for their team.


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