Quizzes are a great way to evaluate the knowledge of your learners. Create quizzes to keep track of how well your learners are retaining the information you are teaching them. They help both the authors and learners to check the learners' understanding of the course material and their progress.

Creating a quiz 

The quiz builder helps you create interactive quizzes with a range of content types like videos, images, tables, code snippets, etc. You can create the following questions in Learn:
  1. Single choice questions can be used when there is only one right answer to your question. You can use this question type for true or false questions.
  2. Multiple choice questions can be used when there is more than one response to a question. For the question to be marked correct, learners must mark all the right answers. 
  3. Fill-in-the-blanks can be used when you want your learners to complete a part of a phrase or a paragraph. Learners will have to type their answers manually, unlike the first two question types. The typed answers are then automatically graded by the system.
  4. Descriptive questions are paragraph or essay type questions where your learners have to type in the answers in their own words. These answers have to be evaluated and graded manually.
Descriptive questions is available only in our Professional plan.
To create a quiz:
  1. Navigate to the course, then go to the Lessons tab.
  2. Click the Add Content button on the lesson, then click Quiz.
  3. Click the Add a Question button, then select a question type.
  4. Enter the question, the choices and give the correct answer for the question.
  5. To give a description for the question, click the Add question description icon, then enter the description.
  6. To set a score for the question, give the score in the Question Score input box.
  7. To give an overview for the quiz, click Quiz Overview in the left pane, then enter the quiz overview.
  8. To delete a question, click the Delete icon () on the question in the left pane.
  9. To rearrange the questions, drag and drop the questions in the left pane.

To create a fill in the blank question, you will have to enclose the answers to your fill-in-the-blank questions within square brackets ([ ]). The enclosed answers will only be visible to the author and will appear as blank spaces to learners. To add multiple blanks within the same phrase, you can use comma separation between blanks.

Adding custom feedback

Add custom feedback at the end of each question in a quiz to display different feedback depending on the answers of the learners. For example, if someone gets a question right, you can tell them “Good job.” If they get it wrong, you can say "Better luck next time" or give the right answer.

To add custom feedback:
  1. Navigate to the quiz editing screen, then go to the question you want to add custom feedback for.
  2. Enable the Custom feedback button.
  3. Select one from the following feedback types, then enter the feedback:
  4. Any response: Set the same feedback for the question irrespective of the answer given by the learners.
  5. Correct/Incorrect: Set different feedback based on the correct and incorrect answer.
  6. Option-based: Set different feedback for each option in a question. 

Custom answer feedback is available only in our Professional plan.

Quiz settings

Configure quiz settings to set rules and specify how learners should interact with your quiz.

To access quiz settings:
  1. Navigate to the quiz, then click Edit.
  2. Click the Settings icon () in the top-right corner.

Passing score and attempts

You can set a minimum score a learner has to obtain for them to pass a quiz, and control their progress in the course based on the passing score. You can also set the maximum number of times a learner can attempt a quiz.

To set passing score and attempts:
  1. To allow learners to continue with the course only if the passing score for the quiz is met, switch the Passing score required to continue button ON.
  2. Select the passing score out of the total number of questions in the quiz from the Passing Score drop-down.
  3. Select the number of times a learner can attempt the same quiz from the Attempts drop-down. 

Passing score and attempts settings are available only in our Express plan.

Show learner score

Authors have the option to show or hide the scores of learners after completing a quiz. If the Show learner score option is disabled, learners will not be able to see their score at the end of a quiz.

To enable show learner score, switch the Show learner score button ON in the General section.

Quiz time

Authors have the option to set a countdown timer for the quiz. Learners would need to complete the quiz within this time. Once the timer elapses, the quiz will be submitted automatically.

To set quiz time:
  1. Check the Set Quiz Time checkbox to add a countdown timer to the quiz.
  2. Select the duration from the Hours and Minutes picker.

Quiz timer is available only in our Professional plan.

Question Timer

Course authors can restrict the time spent by learners on each question in a quiz. Once the timer elapses, the selected answer for the question will be submitted automatically and the learner will be moved to the next question.
To enable question timer for a quiz, navigate to Quiz Settings, then switch the Set question timer button ON.

Once you've enabled question timer for the quiz, you can set the time for each question.

To set a time for each question:
  1. Navigate to the quiz editing screen, then go to the question you want to add the timer for.
  2. Enable the Question Time Limit button.
  3. Select the duration from the Minutes picker.

Reveal answers

You can also use quizzes as knowledge checks for learners instead of using them as an evaluation method. Reveal answers for quizzes comes in handy when you want to let learners know if their understanding is right or wrong as they move through the course. 
Enable reveal answers to reveal the correct answers for the questions to the learners. You can choose to reveal the answers on one of the following conditions.
  1. After submitting each question in the final attempt: The learners can see the correct answers right after answering each question in the final attempt of the quiz.
  2. On passing the quiz or after completing the final attempt: The learners can see the correct answers when they pass the quiz in any of the attempts or after completing the final attempt.
  3. After the final attempt only on passing the quiz: The learners can see the correct answers in the final attempt only if they pass the quiz in any one of the attempts. They will not be able to see the correct answers if they fail the quiz. 

To enable reveal answers, switch the Reveal Answers button ON, then select one of the options.

Question and answer settings

  1. To display the questions in random order, switch the Randomize Question Order button ON.
  2. To shuffle the options for each question, check the Shuffle Options button ON.
  3. To allow learners to skip questions, switch the Skip Question button ON.
  4. To allow learners to view the previous question, switch the Unrestricted Navigation button ON.

Question and answer settings are available only in our Express plan.

To set drip schedule for the quiz, check Set release date in the Drip Schedule section, then set the release date.
To set discussions for the quiz, enable Show Discussions.

Evaluating descriptive answers

Descriptive type questions are open-ended questions that require the learners to type in the answers. These questions have to be evaluated manually, and the result of the quiz will be pending until evaluation. Once the learners submit their quizzes, their answers to the descriptive questions will be available in the evaluation tab. You can evaluate the answers, assign scores, and provide feedback.

To evaluate descriptive answers:
  1. Navigate to the lesson, then go to the Evaluation tab.
  2. Select the quiz, then select the learner.
  3. Evaluate the answer and select a score.
  4. Click Add Feedback and provide feedback.
  5. To publish the result of the evaluated submission, click Publish.
  6. To publish the result of all evaluated submissions, click Publish All on the left panel.

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