How to add digital signature via USB token DSC | Zoho Sign

Signing with USB Token DSC

A USB token for digital signature is a digital signature certificate in a password-protected device in its physical form, wherein a personal identity is established. It enhances digital security by proving the identity of the user in electronic form. 


  1. You can get your USB tokens (Digital Signature Certificate) issued from an authorized certificate authority. Certificate authorities (CA) are entities that issue individuals and organizations with digital certificates for identification and digital signing purposes.
  2. CAs act as trusted third-parties providing services that are recognised and relied on by businesses, governments, and other public bodies.
  3. CAs provide services on a regional, national, and international level and their recognition within specific geographical boundaries determines the legal applicability of the certificates issued by them.

The Zoho Sign USB Signer app on Windows allows users to digitally sign documents using their digital signature via USB drives. The major difference between the Zoho Sign USB Signer app and the Zoho Sign web app (and other mobile apps) is that Zoho Sign USB Signer enables the user to use their personal or organizational digital signature to sign documents from a physical USB device.


  1. Microsoft Windows 10 or above
  2. USB token or USB device containing the user's digital signature

How to install and launch the Zoho Sign USB Signer app on Windows

To install the app on your Windows device:
  1. Open the Microsoft Store app from the Start menu.
  2. Click the Apps tab from the navigation bar.
  3. Search for "Zoho Sign" and open the app's store page.
  4. Click Free* under the app name & icon to install the app on your device.
Alternatively, you can also add the app to your Windows device from the  Microsoft Store  through your web browser.

Once the app has been added to your device, you can pin the app to your taskbar or add a shortcut to your Desktop for easy access. To then launch the app:
  1. Open the app from the Start menu.
    Click the app icon that pinned to your taskbar.
    Double-click the app shortcut on your Desktop.
  2. Log in to your Zoho account to access your Zoho Sign documents. 

How to use the Zoho Sign USB Signer app on Windows

We can use the USB Signer app for the following processes

  1. Sign documents yourself
  2. Signing documents sent to you by others 

Signing documents yourself

  1. Log in to your Zoho Sign web app account and click Send for signatures.
  2. Upload your document in the web app.
  3. Add yourself as the signer of the document.
  4. Place all the necessary fields and send the document for signature to yourself.
    Note: Do not proceed to sign the document in the web browser if you wish to sign using your USB token DSC.
  5. Open the Zoho Sign USB Signer Windows app.
  6. Fill in all the signer fields and sign the document using the USB token.

Signing documents sent to you by others

  1. Request the sender to send the documents to the email address associated with your Zoho Sign Account.
  2. Open the Zoho Sign USB Signer Windows app to access the documents.

    See all the documents that need your signature in the dashboard.

  3. Fill in all the signer fields and sign the documents using the USB token.
View the details of the document that you wish to sign.

Navigate through the document and fill in the signer details.

Select your digital signature from a list of all the certificates available.

Frequent Asked Questions

When I try to access the Zoho Sign USB Signer Windows app, the error message "You do not have an account in Zoho Sign. Please create an account in Zoho Sign using web app via browser" displays. How do I resolve this?

  1. This error generally shows up when a Zoho account has been created but not a Zoho Sign account.
  2. To create a Zoho Sign account for your organization, click here.
  3. Once the account for your organization is created, you will be able to access the USB signer Windows app to sign the documents.

When I open my Zoho Sign USB Signer Windows app, why is the document list empty?

  1. Unless there are any pending documents to be signed, the document list will be empty. 
  2. To sign a document yourself, log in to the Zoho Sign web app and send the document to yourself for signature. 

What is difference between the Zoho Sign USB Signer Windows app and the Zoho Sign web app (and other mobile apps)?

  1. In the Zoho Sign USB Signer Windows app, a USB token (digital signature of user stored in USB drive) can be used to sign the documents.
  2. In the web app and other mobile apps, the digital signature of Zoho Sign on behalf of the signer will be used.

Note: The Zoho Sign Windows app can only be used for signing documents. To send documents for signature, use the web app or other mobile apps.

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