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Sending documents in bulk

The Bulk Send option enables you to send copies of one or more documents for signing to a large list of recipients in one go. 

This is an important feature that can be very effective in saving a lot of time. For example, this feature can be useful when the HR department needs to get the updated policy documents signed by all the employees of the organization, or when an event organizer needs to get consent forms signed by all the participants.


1. This feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition of Zoho Sign.

2. This feature consumes an automation credit for every recipient from the list of recipients uploaded in bulk. In other words, each document signature request sent via bulk send consumes an automation credit. Automation credits are provided to organizations on a monthly basis subject to their automation credits limit. Upon exhaustion, additional usage requires API credits purchased as add-ons.

How to send documents to a bulk list of recipients

1. After you have uploaded or imported your documents in the Send for signatures page, or in the Send template pop-up, choose Add Bulk Recipients under Add recipients

2. Upload the CSV file (comma-separated values file) that contains the required details of the recipients in bulk. 

Note: You can click Download sample CSV file to download a sample file and understand the required format of the CSV file. The CSV file must contain a minimum of two recipients and can have up to to a maximum of 300 recipients.

The following column labels can be used to add the recipient details and any predefined values to your CSV file.

recipient_email (mandatory)

Under this column, you add the email addresses of the recipients to whom copies of the document need to be sent in bulk.

recipient_name (mandatory)

The names of the recipients corresponding to their email addresses need to be added in this column.

private_notes (optional)

A private message corresponding to each recipient can be added to this column. This is not included in the sample CSV, you need to create a new column with the given label. 

Here's an example of what a CSV file might look like once all these recipient details are added:

3. Once the bulk recipient list has been added, it will be displayed in a single row under Add recipients. You may also add additional recipients (if any) to sign the documents, configure authentication, validity, and reminders, and click Continue.

Additional field labels:

You can also add additional corresponding recipient data defined by your own data labels while creating the CSV file. This data will be merged with signer fields in your document where the Data Label of the field and the CSV column label are the same. This is also not included in the sample CSV. You will need to create new columns with your defined labels.

Here's an example: 

Once you have added the CSV file, this is how the window will be where you can verify the recipient details.

The data values present in the CSV file can be merged with the Data label available while adding the fields onto the document.

Once the data values are merged into the document, here's how it will look on the signer's side:

Once the fields are merged, this is how the document will reflect on the recipient side:

1. While merging the data values, make sure that the same Date Format is followed in both CSV file as well as the in the Data Field.
2. To merge other fields, place the Text Field in the document.

How to track the status of documents sent to bulk recipients:

1. Place your cursor on Documents in the left side navigation pane and click Bulk Send from the dropdown.

2. Click the document that you would like to track from the list of documents displayed, and view the signing status for each recipient from the bulk list.

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