View and manage item details | Zoho Sprints Help

View and manage item details

The item details page provides you with all the information related to a particular item. The header of the page has the item name as the title. You can click and edit it to update the item name.

Note: The different sections in item details page are displayed as tabs. There are two ways to navigate through the sections:
  1. You can click to view a particular tab
  2. Or, scroll to move from tab to tab
You can organize the tabs in an order preferable to you or hide tabs that you rarely access. Click the ellipsis icon near the tags and select Organize Tabs option to customize the tabs.

The following are the tabs in item details:


This section displays the default and secondary information about the item. This includes project name, associated sprint, assignees, status, priority, item type, start and end dates, estimation points, and associated epic and release, if any. The custom fields that you've included will also be displayed here.


  1. The description of the item will be displayed here.
  2. Click the Add Description button to add a description.
  3. Click the Edit Description button to update it.


This section displays all the comments that are made in the item.
  1. Enter the comment in the comment box and click the Add button. To notify a user or group directly, type @ to mention the person or the group and #ID to mention the item.
  2. View comments as list or thread.
  3. Add a comment to this item via email. Learn more.
  4. Add reactions and replies. The replies are displayed in a collapsible windows and are available as a thread of conversation that is easy to follow.  On the other hand, you can simply add emoticons to the comments.
  5. Convert a comment into work item.
  6. Hover on the comment to edit or delete.
  1. A user can add up to five reactions for a comment.
  2. A comment can have up to 1000 reactions.


The section displays the files attached to the item.
  1. Upload files to your work items from the following locations:
  2. Upload a file from your desktop.
  3. Upload an image and annotate it or copy and past a screenshot and annotate it.
  4. Upload the files from other cloud services.
  5. Attach files and images, annotate the images, and upload files from other cloud services across the modules.
  6. Click the file to upload it from your desktop or drag and drop the file.
  7. Click the image to upload it from the desktop or copy and paste the screenshot, and add highlights to the image.
  8. Download the annotated image in your comments section.
  9. Get a preview of these attachments by clicking on them.
  10. Delete the attached files by clicking the delete icon.

Log hours

This section displays the timesheets logged for the item.
  1. Click the Add Log Hours button to add a timesheet.
  2. View total log hours for the item.
  3. Get approval and billing status.
  4. Hover on the logs to edit, delete, or view description.


This section displays the meetings scheduled for the item.
  1. Click the Schedule button to schedule online or offline meetings.
  2. You can view scheduled, ongoing, and completed meetings under the respective categories.


This section displays all subitems associated with the item.
  1. Click the Add Subitems button to create a subitem or the Associate Subitems button to add existing item as subitem.
  1. A story cannot be made a subitem.
  2. Subitems can be moved across sprints.
  3. Admin, project managers, sprint owners, and the item owner can add subitems in active sprints.

Status timeline

This section helps you track everything about a work item.
  1. Read the timeline as a chart and table.
  2. Export chart and table as file.
  3. Track the maximum and minimum time spent in a status.
  4. Track which user moved the item from one status to another.


This section displays your to-do list for the item.
  1. Click the +Checklist button to create a checklist.
  2. Create checklist groups to club similar to-do lists.
  3. Make checklist public to allow access to all assignees.
  4. Hover over the checklist to edit, delete, or convert it into an item.
  5. Sort checklist by ascending and descending order.

Link work items

This section displays all the items linked to the item.
  1. Click the +Link Work Item to link an item.
  2. Assign link type to define the nature of the link.
  3. Track the linked items alongside the item at hand.

Platform integrations

The following integration platforms are also available when integrated:
  1. Gitlab
  2. Github
  3. Bitbucket
  4. Azure DevOps
  5. AWS Code Commit
  6. Zoho Repository

Actions on the right-side bar menu

There are a list of actions supported on the side bar menu. This menu includes widgets and extensions that enhance you work item management process.
  1. Add - Click the + icon to add description, comment, attachment, meeting, log hours, checklist, and items links.
  2. Clone - Click the clone icon to create a copy of the item. The copied item will include checklists and subitems, if applicable.
  3. Reminder - Click the reminder icon to set a reminder for the item in a specific frequency.
  4. Activity Stream - Click the stream icon to view the activities in the item.
  5. Followers - Click the followers icon to view and add followers.
  6. Chat - Click the chat icon to start a group conversation with the required participants.
  7. Delete - Click the delete icon to delete the item.

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