View and organize items on board | Zoho Sprints Help

View and organize items on board

There're various operations and settings in Zoho Sprints to tailor the view of your board to suit your preferences.

Board views

There're different views to the items listed on the board. Click the View dropdown at the top to access them.
  1. Plain view provides a simple view comprising only the item ID, item name, and assignee.
  2. Detail view offers a more comprehensive view displaying the item ID, item name, priority level, estimation points, tags, item status, assignee, and more actions.
  3. Due Date tracker will enable you to track the items by their due date or by the measure of time since the due date. The item cards are bordered red to denote over due items and green to denote items within the due date. This tracking will be applicable only if start and end dates are defined for the items.
  4. Subitem Expand View includes the subitem details in the view.
  5. Sheet view enabled you to your sprint on a spreadsheet. Learn more.
  6. Collapse empty status allows you to hide statuses in which there're no work items.
  7. Show empty lane allows you to include swimlanes with no items in the view.
  8. Customize the fields visible in this view in Card View Settings.
  9. Create custom status in addition to the available default status. Learn more.
  10. Get live updates on the sprint board of changes made by others while viewing it.

Filter items on board

The advanced filter mechanism allows you to easily find what you're looking for. You can apply filters to the work items on the board. There are two types of filters: Quick and Custom filters. Quick filters are the in-built filters that are based on the various attributes of projects. Whereas, custom filters equip you with AND/OR conditions to create your own criteria pattern. You can save the filter criteria and reuse them to avoid the rework. Click here to learn all about filters.
To filter:
  1. Go to the Board module.
  2. Select the required sprint.
  3. Click the filter icon at the top.
  4. Select Quick or Custom filter.
  5. Select built-in filter criteria or define your custom criteria.
  6. Apply the filter to view the epics or work items matching that filter criteria.

Export board

You can export the board data in an xls or csv file and download it to use outside of the application.
  1. You can apply filters to export select data.
  2. You can access the exported file in Export History.
  3. You can copy data to clipboard and paste it on a spreadsheet for a tabular view.
To export board:
  1. Go to the Board module.
  2. Select the required sprint.
  3. Click the ellipsis icon.

  4. Select Export option. The Export Filter will appear.
  5. Select the required file format.
  6. Define grouping if necessary.
  7. Select the fields that need to be exported.
  8. Specific Recurrence Type to set up scheduled exports.
  9. Enable Header to assign the field names as headers for the columns.
  10. Select the filters that need to be applied or create custom filters. Learn more.
  11. Click the Apply & Export button. The export will be initiated.
  12. Click the ellipsis icon and select Export History in the projects menu. The exported file will be available in the Completed Export tab.
    1. Completed Export lists the Date, Time, and File Name of your export. View the export details and, if applicable, the recurrence details of the file.
    2. Active Export lists all the files that are active and scheduled for export.
  13. Click the file or the Download icon to download the file.
Note: You can also click the Export icon on the right navigation bar to view progress of export and download the exported file.

Import data into board

You can import data from external sources into your board to quickly create a sprint and start tracking the items on the board. Using import, new sprints can be created and items can also be added in bulk into existing sprints. 

There're three ways to import data:
  1. Import items from file
  2. Import items from JIRA
  3. Import items from Zoho Projects

Reorder sprint

You can reorder the sequence of the active sprints available to be displayed on the board. This sequence is applied to the Sprint dropdown list on the board.

To reorder sprints:
  1. Go to the Board module.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon at the top.
  3. Select Reorder Sprints option. The Reorder window will appear.
  4. Drag and drop the sprints to reorder or edit the position numbers to change the sequence.
  5. Click the Update button to save changes. 

Copy to clipboard

You can copy data to clipboard and paste the data on a sheet to use it in other services or save it as backup. Click the ellipsis icon at the top and select Copy to clipboard. The data on the board will be copied.

View total

To view the total work item count:
  1. Go to the Board module.
  2. Select the required sprint from the Sprint dropdown.
  3. Click the ellipsis icon at the top.
  4. Select Total Work Item option. The total work item count and the estimation points will appear.

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