Zoho Voice | Announcements

Zoho Voice | Announcements

 Zoho Voice introduces new call recording profiles 

Previously in Zoho Voice, inbound and outbound calls were only recorded automatically. By introducing a new feature, Call Recording Profile, Zoho Voice enables you to record calls either automatically or on demand. All you have to do is create or edit an existing call recording profile and simply associate that profile with the Zoho Voice number of your choice. For each number, it’s essential that you specify the call recording profile for inbound and outbound calls separately.


Zoho Voice's call recording profiles offer the following configurations.


1. Call recording type 

Zoho Voice offers two types of call recording:  


On Demand: When you choose “On Demand” as the call recording type, click the Record button in the dial pad to start the recording. Once the call recording is on, the record button will glow red.

Always: When you choose “Always” as the call recording type, all of your calls are automatically recorded from the beginning until the call is terminated. 

You can also pause the call recording along certain sections of the live call and then resume the call recording for both “Always” and “On Demand” call recording just by clicking the Record button.


2. Call recording announcements 

Along with the “Recording” message that announces to the call participants that the ongoing call is being recorded, Zoho Voice also lets you notify participants with customized “Pause” and “Resume” messages whenever a call recording is paused and resumed, respectively.
With the “Repeat Notifications” option, however long the call duration is, the call participants are notified with a custom-defined message or a beeping sound at regular intervals as defined in the “Regular Interval(s)” option. The regular intervals should not be less than 60 seconds. You can also choose not to have repeat notifications at all by choosing the “None” option.

3. Call Recording Channel 

Mono: The mono channel delivers the same sounds in both the left and the right channel.

Stereo: The stereo channel offers high-fidelity playback by delivering the two voices participating in a call along the left and right channels separately.


What will happen to the Zoho Voice virtual numbers that are already enabled for call recording?


Zoho Voice will migrate the previous call recording configurations of those numbers into a call recording profile, and then link that profile to the respective number. After migration, the default call recording type of all recording profiles will be “Always.”

Zoho Voice only creates new call recording profiles for numbers with a unique set of call recording configurations. It operates by efficiently hosting only the necessary number of call recording profiles, skipping the need to create new call recording profiles for redundant configurations.

If the number bears call recording configurations similar to an existing call recording profile, Zoho Voice simply associates the existing call recording profile with the number.


During transfer calls:

  • The recipient agent will have the same controls associated with the number involved in the call recording profile.

  • The call recording is automatically paused when the customer is put on hold. Only when the customer actively participates in the call does the call recording resume.

For Solo Subscribers, even though a call recording profile is created with just a customizable announcement message, there are no provisions for on-demand recording, repeated notifications, pausing, or resuming a live call recording.

Configurations like on-demand recording along with pausing and resuming call recordings will be updated on the ZDialer browser extension and ZDialer mobile app soon.

Downloading call recordings 

On the Call Logs page, the Call Recordings tab displays the logs of the calls bearing the call recording files readily available for downloading and repeated playbacks. 
You can download selective call recording audio files or download multiple files in bulk, depending on your requirements.   

Dated: 03 November 2022 

Introducing customizable queue announcements, new ringing strategies, and custom hold music for Queues

We're excited to announce that we have introduced a few new functionalities inside the Queue settings to give your more control over the queue's behavior.

1. Queue Audio Profile:
Queue Audio Profiles to allow you to configure the announcements and messages to be played while callers wait in a call queue. Check our User Guide to learn how to create your new queue audio profile.

Please note that this functionality is available only in the Enterprise Telephony edition - Basic, Standard, and Contact Center plans.

2. Ringing-type Selector:
We have added two new ringing types in addition to simultaneous and sequential ringing: Top-down and Progressive ringing. Learn more about how these ringing types work in this Guide.

New ringing types are available in all plans including the Solo plan if it has additional users.

3. Queue hold music
Zoho Voice now allows you to choose your own music to play when callers are on hold in a queue. 

Custom queue hold music is available only in the Enterprise Telephony edition - Basic, Standard, and Contact Center plans.

Dated: 14 September 2022

Call barging, power dialer, and queue performance metrics as Feature Add-ons

Zoho Voice now allows users in other plans to add Contact Center features as feature add-ons. You can enable these features only for the specific users who need it. For example, you can enable call barging feature only for the admins and supervisors.

Call barging:
Call barging is available as add-on only for Basic and Standard plans. It is not available in Business Phone edition. So users in Solo, Team, Office, and Corporate plans cannot use call barging feature.

Power Dialer:
Power dialer is available as add-on for all the plans.

Queue performance metrics:
Queue performance metrics is available as add-on for all the plans.

Feature add-on charges:
Feature add-ons are charged at 10 credits/feature/user/month. Feature add-ons have a one-time charge when you enable them, and monthly recurring charges will be deducted at the beginning of every month.

Zoho Voice now integrates with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand

Zoho Voice has introduced a native integration with ManageEngine's cloud-based IT help desk software, ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand.

Using this integration, you can
  1. Get caller details in screen pop-ups from SDP OD and find out who's on the line.
  2. Make and receive calls directly from SDP OD using ZDialer.
  3. Auto-detect phone numbers in SDP OD and make calls using click-to-call.
  4. Bulk import SDP OD agents to create them as Zoho Voice users.
Note: Automatic call logging functionality is not available in this integration.

Check out the steps to integrate ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand with Zoho Voice in our USER GUIDE.

Reach out to support@zohovoice.com if you have any questions.

Dated: 30-June-2022

Zoho Voice revises the call rates and number rentals for few countries.

We're revising the call rates and the monthly number rental for a few countries in order to be in sync with the pricing updates by our carriers. The new call rates and rental will be in effect from July 15, 2022 for existing users, and with immediate effect for new users.

There is no change in pricing for most of the countries, and we're continuing with the same competitive call rates for those regions.
Check out our revised call rates and number rental below. You can also download a copy of the pricing sheet.
We thank your continued support in helping us serve you better. Reach out to support@zohovoice.com if you have any questions.

The Voice team

Zoho Voice launches a Notification Center inside the app.

We've introduced a Notification Center inside Zoho Voice for you to see an overview of all the alerts and notifications from Zoho Voice. You can also view the history of notifications and take appropriate actions when necessary. 

Zoho Voice notifies you of any actions performed and the result of those actions. On clicking the notifications, you will be taken to the page where you need to see the configurations or perform any further actions.

You can open the Notification Center by clicking the "Bell" icon at the top right of your screen. New notifications will mark the bell icon with a red circle with a number representing the number of unread notifications.

Currently Zoho Voice has the following notifications:

Missed call notification:
Receive notifications for both missed calls and missed calls with voicemail.

1. You have missed a call from +1312xxxx789.
2. You have missed a call from +1312xxxx789. Voicemail has been attached.

Low credit notification:
Receive notifications when your credit balance is low.

1. Please top up your balance by purchasing voice credits from our store, and enjoy a hassle-free service.

Monthly credit deduction:
We'll send a notification when your monthly credit deduction is due in 2 days, and we'll another notification when it is successfully deducted.

1. Monthly deduction of credits from your Zoho Voice account for number rental and storage of call recordings is due in 2 days.
2. Successfully deducted credits from your voice credit balance towards monthly number rental and storage of recordings.

Business hour changes:
We'll notify you if there is any change in the timings of the business hour configuration associated to a number that is assigned to you.

Business hours for the configuration " Business Hour Name" has been modified.

Number purchase and number association notifications:
Receive notifications when the number you purchased is approved or rejected after the review. Agents will receive notifications if a number is associated to them or unassociated from them.

1. The number you purchased(+1 312XXXX789) has been approved and is ready to use.
2. The number you purchased(+1 312XXXX789) has been rejected.
3. One or more numbers have been associated to you.
4. One or more numbers have been unassociated from you.

Queue changes notifications:
Agents will be notified if they are assigned to a call queue or removed from a queue.

1.You have been added as an agent in the queue "queue name", and will receive calls assigned to that queue.
2.You have been removed the queue "queue name", and will no longer receive calls assigned to that queue.

Notification center is present only in the web app 
Reach out to support@zohovoice.com and let us know if you have any questions.

Dated: 08-June-2022

Call Forwarding: Forward calls directly to a mobile number, landline number, or another Zoho Voice number.

Previously, Zoho Voice allowed you to forward calls only inside an IVR when the callee presses an assigned DTMF number. Now, you can directly forward calls you receive on a Zoho Voice number to another phone number. This number can be a mobile number, landline number, or even another Zoho Voice number.

How to forward calls to another number?
1. To set up Call Forwarding, go to Call Config and select the Zoho Voice number for which you want to configure call forwarding.
2. In the incoming tab, select the drop-down menu under MODE.
3. Select Forward.

4. Enter the phone number to which you want to forward calls that are made to this number.

5. Click Save.

How is a forwarded call charged?
Forwarded calls are considered as outbound calls. So, in addition to the incoming charges for the Zoho Voice number, outgoing charges are applicable according to the number to which the call is forwarded.

Let's say you have an US number in Zoho Voice, and you have configured calls to be forwarded to an US mobile number. Now, the per min charges will be 0.0085+0.0125=0.021 credits/min.

You can forward calls from Zoho Voice Personal, Local, and Toll-free numbers to any mobile number, landline number, or another Zoho Voice number.

You can also set up call forwarding inside CALL ACTION HANDLER and forward calls only when agents are unavailable.
While configuring Business Hours, you can create an Off-Duty Call Action Handler and forward calls to another number during off-duty hours.

Dated: May 19, 2022

Extension Dialing: Route calls to respective agents when callers dial an extension

Zoho Voice allows you to assign extension numbers for all agents and configure extension calling for callers who call a phone number. This way you can set up a number as a Board Number.

How to assign extension number for an agent?
1. Go to Users page and edit a user.
2. Under Extension, enter the extension number you want to assign for that agent.

3. Click Save.

How to enable extension dialing?
1. Go to Call Config page and select the number for which you want to enable extension calling.
2. In the incoming tab, click the drop-down menu under MODE.
3. Select Dial Extension.

4. Click Save.

Now, if a caller calls this particular number, they will be asked to dial in an extension number. Upon entering, the call will be automatically routed to the respective agent.
Please make sure that your callers know in advance the extension number of the required agent.

Dated: May 19, 2022.

Max waiting time and Ring-type selection are now specific to each Queue.

Maximum waiting time in a queue is the amount of time that a caller has to wait in the call queue before getting disconnected, transferred to sub-agents, or directed to voicemail when all the primary agents in the queue are busy.

Ring-type selector allows you to select if you want the agents to receive a call simultaneously or in a sequential order.

These settings used to be specific to a phone number and was found inside the Call Config page. Now, these settings are made specific to a queue and is found in the queue configuration section. You need to configure max waiting time and ring type separately for each queue

What happens to existing settings?
If you have configured a queue for two or more phone numbers with the same 'max time in queue' and 'ring-type', the Queue will be retained, and same queue will be used for all phone numbers.

If you have configured a queue for two or more phone numbers with different 'max time in queue' and 'ring-type', then you will find as many queues - with same agents but with a different max time and ring-type. For existing phone numbers, we have assigned different names for these queues and associated them according to your previous configurations. You can edit the name and save.

For new configurations, you can create your own queues with 'max time in queue' and 'ring-type' as you want.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at support@zohovoice.com.

The Zoho Voice team

Dated: May 02, 2022

Zoho Voice | Year end giveaway

Season's greetings!!

We're delighted to announce our end-of-the-year special giveaway till December 31, 2021.
Get 25 extra credits for free on every purchase of 100 credits, and enjoy more talktime.

How to claim your free credits:
1. Create your Zoho Voice account, if you haven't already.
2. Purchase 100 credits from our online store on or before 31st December, 2021.
3. Send your transaction ID to support@zohovoice.com from the super admin email address.
4. Get your 25 free credits added in your account in few mins.

Dated: December 18, 2021.

Zoho Voice releases a ZDialer-based integration for Zoho CRM and Desk.

We're thrilled to announce the release of our ZDialer-based integration for Zoho CRM and Desk. Now you can make and receive calls directly from CRM and Desk and also see contact details in the dial pad.

What you get in this integration
  1. Auto-detect phone numbers in CRM/Desk and make calls using click-to-call.
  2. Make and receive calls directly from Zoho CRM/Desk using ZDialer dial pad widget.
  3. Get caller details in screen pop-ups from CRM/Desk and find out who's on the line.
  4. Bulk import CRM/Desk agents to create them as Zoho Voice users.
  5. Automatically log the calls made from the phone numbers you use.
Check out the steps to set up this integration.

Please write to us at support@zohovoice.com if you have any queries.

Zoho Voice.

Dated: 02-Dec-2021

Multi-language support for text-to-speech in messages and IVR .

Zoho Voice now supports 7 languages in text-to-speech configuration of IVR, welcome message, feedback message, and goodbye message. You can enter the text in any of the following languages, and Zoho Voice will play it in the selected language.
  1. English
  2. German
  3. French
  4. Spanish
  5. Chinese
  6. Japanese
  7. Dutch

Please make sure that you enter the text in the required language and also select the right language from the dropdown box. Also note that this is not a translator. So, you need to enter the text in the language you need.

Voice selection

Zoho Voice now provides an option to choose between a male voice and a female voice. You can select it in the Language and Voice selection box itself.

Try these updates and let us know what you think. Please write to us at support@zohovoice.com if you have any queries.

Dated 19-Oct-2021

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