How to configure Yealink SIP phones with your Zoho Voice account

How to configure Yealink SIP phones with your Zoho Voice account

Zoho Voice now enables you to connect your Zoho Voice account with any type of IP-enabled Yealink hardphones or deskphones which are one of the prominent workstations in major call centers. This enables you to easily make and receive Zoho Voice calls using Yealink Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phone devices. 

Zoho Voice now supports all SIP phone models under the Yealink brand.

Configuring Yealink SIP phones with your Zoho Voice account


Follow the steps below to connect a Yealink SIP phone with your agent's Zoho Voice account.


1. In your Zoho Voice account

  1. Go to Settings > Hardphone and click Config New Phone.

  2. Select the agent to whom you want to configure the hardphone.

  3. Enter the MAC address of your hardphone device. You can find it at the back of your device. If not, please check with your admin.

  4. Select the phone number which you need to display for outgoing calls made using the desk phone.

  5. Once you click Save, Zoho Voice generates a config file (.cfg). Download it.


For successful configuration, you need to log in to the Yealink device web User Interface. In order to access the web User Interface, you need to know the IP address of your Yealink IP phone.

  1. You can find the IP address of your device under the Status option.

  2. The Status option can be accessed by pressing the OK key at the center of the navigation center on your Yealink IP phone or you tap Menu and then choose the Status option. 

  3. Once you have obtained the IP open your browser, Enter the IP address (e.g., or in the address bar of the web browser on your PC. 

  4. This will take you to your Yealink device's web UI.


  1. Enter the username and password of your device (or) enter the default Yealink administrator user name and password are both "admin" (case-sensitive).

  2. Go to the Settings tab at the top.

  3. Choose Configuration menu from the left menu bar . 

  4. Under the CFG Configuration section, for the Import CFG Configuration File option, browse and upload the config (.cfg) file you downloaded from Zoho Voice and click ImportRefer 1. In your Zoho Voice account. The configuration will be successfully updated.

  5. Now, go to the Account tab. This displays the Register page where you can register your account for the Yealink IP phone.

  6. Enter the SIP Authentication Password sent via email.

  7. Click the Confirm button at the bottom.

  8. Once you click the confirm button, the Register Status of your account changes to Registered state now.



Once you've completed the above steps, your Yealink desk phone is fully configured to handle all Zoho Voice calls that are assigned to that agent. 

Troubleshooting your Yealink deskphone registration and call handling

To quickly troubleshoot the issues that arise while performing certain procedures or activities, make sure you reproduce the whole sequence of steps involved in a specific process using your Yealink deskphones while activating Yealink's Packet Capture functionality. 

Packet Capture is a special network troubleshooting functionality offered by Yealink that enables you to easily capture, read, and effectively troubleshoot those SIP packet captures. 

This can be especially useful while:
  1. Registering your Yealink deskphones  with Zoho Voice's SIP servers or while
  2. Handling inbound and outbound calls via your Yealink deskphones

 Here’s how you can capture SIP packets from your Yealink devices:

  1. Select the Settings menu at the top menu bar and choose the Configuration option from the left menu bar. The Configuration  page appears.

  2. Go to the CFG Configuration section. First, click on the Start button at the left end to start the network packet capture

  3. Immediately, reproduce the whole sequence of steps involved in the process you intend to troubleshoot . The process can be the registration process, making an outbound call via your Yealink device, receiving an inbound call and more.

  4. Once you're done reproducing the whole sequence, Click the Stop button. 

  5. The SIP packets involved in a specific process are captured and automatically downloaded as the Captures.tar file. 

  6. Send the downloaded file to the Zoho Voice support team for analysing.

If you face any issue while configuring Zoho Voice with any deskphone model under the Yealink  brand, please reach out to us at

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