Frequently Asked Questions | Zoho Voice

Frequently Asked Questions | Zoho Voice

1. What is Zoho Voice?

Zoho Voice is an online telephony software using which you can purchase phone numbers to make and receive local and international business calls. Zoho Voice uses Zoho's own cloud PBX(Private branch exchange) system at the backend to facilitate this.

2. What are the system and network requirements for Zoho Voice?

Zoho Voice runs on all standard web browsers, iOS and Android mobile phones, and requires a minimum internet speed of 5Mbps to make and receive calls seamlessly.

3. What are the benefits of cloud telephony system?

  • No hardware is required to maintain or upgrade
  • Highly reliable
  • Seamless scalability
  • Low costs
  • Additional calling features

4. What are the benefits of having a virtual phone number?

  • Call recording
  • Multiple users under one number
  • Call analytics and call detail records
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Integration with other apps

5. How can I create my own Zoho Voice account?
You can create your Zoho Voice account by signing up here.


6. Can I try Zoho Voice without purchasing my own number?

Yes, you can try making outbound calls using our test number and the free credits we provide. Incoming calls cannot be tested using the test number.


7. How do I purchase a number?

You cannot purchase phone numbers when you're on the Trial. Log in to your Zoho Voice account and go to the subscriptions page. Choose any plan(Eg: free Solo) and purchase credits from our store. Then, go to the Numbers page and choose a local or toll-free number you want. Read our terms and conditions and click Buy Number to purchase the number using credits.

8. How do I make and receive calls?

You can make and receive phone calls using the dial pad in the bottom right corner of your screen, or using your mobile app. If you don't see the dial pad in your web app, please click the Zoho Voice logo at the bottom right corner to open the dial pad.


9. Can I use Zoho Voice with my personal email address?

Yes, you can use Zoho Voice with your personal email address. Sign up through Gmail is blocked by default. Please send us an email to whitelist your Gmail account. Zoho Voice offers a free Solo plan. You just need to buy credits and get a phone number to make and receive calls. Call charges applicable.


10. Is Zoho Voice included in Zoho One?

No, Zoho Voice is not included in Zoho One. Zoho Voice subscription is separate. Zoho One license doesn't include Voice.
Now, you might be wondering if you can use Zoho Voice's telephony features in your Zoho One portal. The answer is "Yes!".
Zoho Voice has an integration with Zoho apps via Zoho Telephony(PhoneBridge). Zoho Telephony is a single point of integration between other Zoho apps and cloud PBX providers (Voice) including many 3rd party cloud PBX providers.
Zoho Telephony is available in Zoho One Marketplace. You can add Zoho Voice as your cloud PBX service in Zoho Telephony, import your Zoho One agents into Zoho Voice, purchase phone numbers, assign them to agents, and configure calls.

Zoho Telephony integration is available in our Enterprise Telephony edition's Standard plan only.


11. What is the difference between Zoho Telephony and Zoho Voice?

Zoho Telephony(PhoneBridge) is a platform used to integrate Zoho applications like Zoho One, CRM, Desk, Bigin, and Recruit with cloud PBX services like Zoho Voice or other 3rd party cloud PBX services.
Zoho Voice is a standalone cloud PBX service using which you can add users, purchase phone numbers and make calls. You can easily create your Zoho Voice account, select Zoho Voice as your cloud PBX service in Zoho Telephony and enable the integration. This integration has limited features like click-to-call, call pop-ups, call notes, etc.

12. What is inbuilt telephony inside Zoho Telephony?

For users who don't need a separate cloud PBX app with advanced features but just need limited features like click-to-call, call pop-ups, and call notes in Zoho CRM or Bigin, Zoho Telephony provides an inbuilt telephony system that is built over Twilio in the backend.
Inbuilt telephony is now available only for CRM and Bigin. All the call configurations and number purchases are done inside the CRM or Bigin app.

13. I'm an existing Zoho user. What plan do you suggest?

If you are a Zoho One user or a CRM, Desk, Recruit, or Bigin user, then you can try our Enterprise Telephony edition's Standard plan. This is a Zoho-Friendly plan with 10 free Zoho agents for every Zoho Voice admin user at $59/month.
Create an account with 1 admin user(comes with 10 free Zoho agents), and then select Zoho Voice as your cloud PBX service from the services listed under Zoho Telephony. Import up to 10 Zoho One/CRM/Desk/Recruit/Bigin agents and configure all the settings in Zoho Voice. Then these agents will be able to make and receive calls directly from their Zoho One/CRM/Desk/Recruit/Bigin portal.
This integration has limited features like click-to-call, call pop-ups, call notes, etc. Only the Admin will have a Zoho Voice admin portal where they can configure everything, handle payments, and download call logs and reports. All 10 free Zoho agents will be able to make calls only from the respective Zoho app. They do not have access to Zoho Voice web app.


14. Are calls supported in CRM/Desk/Recruit/Bigin mobile apps?

No. Calls are not supported in the mobile apps of these apps. Calls are supported only in the web applications.
However, Zoho Voice has a lightweight mobile app using which agents can handle calls on the go. But, you won't be able to see the caller details, just the phone number.


15. Does Zoho Voice have a mobile app?

Yes, Zoho Voice has fully-functional mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. You can use the Zoho Voice mobile app as a standalone app to make/receive calls.


16. Is Voice available in EU, IN, or AU?

Sorry! Zoho Voice is available only in the US data center as of now.

Users who have already registered to Zoho services in our EU, AU or IN data center can't access Zoho Voice. We're setting up Zoho Voice in our EU and AU data centers. We'll make announcements regarding that in our blog.
However, you can use Zoho Telephony's inbuilt phone system and later port your numbers to Zoho Voice when it is available in EU or AU.


17. I'm a premium Zoho partner. Do I get a complementary license?

We provide a complementary license of 3 Free Users in our Enterprise Telephony edition's Standard plan for our Partners(3 Admins & 30 Zoho agents). Please send an email to to activate this. You can use it for demo purposes and your internal needs. Only the subscription charge is on us. Number rental and call charges are applicable.
If you haven't created a Zoho Voice account yet, please SIGN UP.


18. Can I purchase phone numbers using the free credits? 

No, you cannot purchase numbers using the free credits. Using free credits you can make calls using our test number. You need to purchase credits from our store to purchase numbers with that and make calls.


19. I'm in India. Can I make Indian calls using Zoho Voice? 

No, you cannot use Zoho Voice from India to make calls inside India as it is restricted by the DoT. We don't provide Indian numbers either. However, if you're outside India, you can use any other country number to make calls to Indian numbers.


20. I'm in India. Can I make international calls using Zoho Voice?

Yes, you can purchase number from any other country like US, UK, Aus, etc and make calls to any country other than India.

21.  I'm not receiving call notifications. How do I fix it?

If you're not receiving call notifications in Zoho Voice web app, please make sure your settings are configured as below.

Fixing notification issues in Mac system:
a) Open your browser, log in to Zoho Voice and then in the browser, switch on microphone and notification permissions.

b) Go to System preferences > Notifications and make sure notifications are turned on for your browser.

c) Go to System preferences > Do Not Disturb and make sure it is off.

d) Go to System preferences > Security & Privacy > Microphone and tick your browser so it can access microphone.

e) If you do not receive notifications even after following these steps, please open Zoho Voice and go to settings in the dial pad. Now click the Test button to diagnose audio.

Please reach out to if the problem persists.

Fixing notification issues in Windows system:

a) Open your browser, log in to Zoho Voice and then in the browser, switch on microphone and notification permissions.

b) Go to Settings > Notifications and Actions, and switch ON for your browser.

c) Go to Settings > Focus Assist, and switch off any do not disturb settings.

d) Go to Settings > Microphone, and make sure microphone permission is switched ON for your browser.

If you do not receive notifications even after following these steps, please open Zoho Voice and go to settings in the dial pad. Now click the Test button to diagnose audio.

Please reach out to if the problem persists.

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