Designations play an important role in today's business world. Most organizations have a hierarchical structure, while some others follow a flat structure.
In a hierarchical organization structure, the chain of command starts at the top-level management, and the career advancement path for such structures is clear. 
On the other hand, a flat organization structure has very few or no levels of organization structure with less levels in the decision making process.

No matter the structure, you can create designations for your organization's structure with Zoho One.

For instance, if you have a hierarchical organization structure, you can break the structure down into designations like CEO, Manager, and Assistant Manager. Once you've created these designations, you can add employees under their respective designations.

For example, all managers in your firm will need Admin access to Zoho People for better control of reportee attendance to gauge productivity. You can provide them that access by creating a condition for members with the designation "Manager" to be assigned the role "Admin" in the app "Zoho People".

Adding designations will help you to stay more organized and delegate tasks according to the hierarchical needs and requirements. This reduces a lot of effort for you to manually assign the app to every individual, therefore, saving time.

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