Prevent data loss during collaboration with Edit History in Zoho Sheet

Prevent data loss during collaboration with Edit History in Zoho Sheet

With teams moving to hybrid workplaces, remote collaboration has become routine. Zoho Sheet simplifies collaboration for distributed teams with user-specific access levels for file sharing, contextual commenting, and real-time editing tools. It also provides valuable document control options, like Lock Cells, Check In/Out, and Audit Trail to secure data during collaboration.

To further enhance data security and prevent any accidental data loss during collaboration, we now introduce Edit History. Edit History stores and displays a backup of all the values added, modified, or deleted from each cell, along with the details of who made the change and when.

Insert or delete rows/columns/cells, or even revert to your desired version; all your backed up data will remain intact for your reference!

Collaborate confidently without any fear of data loss with the new Edit History feature in Zoho Sheet!

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