Form language translation in Zoho Forms

Form language translation in Zoho Forms

Hello everyone,

Any business needs to satisfy its customers to gain favorable results, and it's not always easy. Various factors, like culture, education, and economics, can influence how they react to your products and services.

When you're looking to increase your sales or gather more data for research with online forms, the clarity and simplicity of those forms matters. And when your target respondents find it challenging to finish a form, abandonment occurs. If you can offer an improved user experience, your audience is more inclined to respond positively.

We at Zoho Forms strive to offer better features that make it easier for you to collect data and make your forms more appealing to a wide range of audiences. In line with that spirit, we're pleased to announce the release of language translation feature for your forms.

Create and share online forms in multiple languages with Language Translation.

Break the language barrier!

Localization helps. Online advertisers, content publishers, and business websites owners adopt localization strategies to make their offerings more appealing to audiences worldwide. Having your forms available in a user's native language not only grabs their attention, but also makes it easier for them to understand the form's content.

Increase form conversion rates

In Zoho Forms, you can automatically translate the form content, field content, acknowledgment page's content, and custom messages to any of the available list of languages. With the questions, descriptions, and instructions available in their native language, form-filling becomes a seamless experience for your respondents. Since understanding the form is easier, it takes them less time to fill out a form, making them more likely to finish it. 

Once translated to a preferred language, you can share the form via any online medium. You can translate your forms into multiple languages. And now we hope your forms are accessible to users from various linguistic backgrounds!

Click here to get started on setting up the translations for your forms.

If you've used this latest translation feature in Zoho Forms, we'd love to hear how it helped in expanding your target audience. If you have any questions or feedback to share, feel free to comment below or drop us an email at
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