Gallery Function for Updating Project Status

Gallery Function for Updating Project Status

A custom function is a software code that can be used to automate a process.  Gallery functions are a set of pre-defined custom functions in Zoho Projects. Users can automate these functions by establishing a Connection and by associating it with a Workflow.

Here are the pre-defined gallery functions that are supported in Zoho Projects.
  • Milestone Autocomplete
  • Push Due date change to Analytics
  • Send Message in Slack Channel
  • Send Message in Cliq Channel
  • Update Project Status
  • Change the successor tasks status
  • Create Successor Task
  • Create Subtask
  • Create an Issue For the Task
  • Push Status Timeline to Analytics

Consider a scenario where you have a project with a task named " Testing".  Once the task is initiated, if you want to auto-update the Project Status as "In Testing", you can use the Update Project Status gallery function and associate it with a Workflow.

By clicking the create button beside a Gallery Function, a custom function will be created, where you can make necessary changes to your Deluge code. After saving and executing this function, you associate it with a workflow to automate the process. Click here to learn more about Gallery Functions.

While establishing a connection, select the following scopes to update the Project Status.
  • ZohoProjects.portals.READ
  • ZohoProjects.projects.READ
  • ZohoProjects.projects.UPDATE
  • ZohoProjects.tasks.READ

Note : Remember that 'Use Credentials of Login User' has to be switched off.

After establishing the connection, select the Update Project Status Gallery function. You can change the description and arguments if needed. The deluge code is prefilled and the TODO will let you know the edits to the code before it can be executed.

Once the Gallery function is created, create a workflow and add Task Status is open as a criteria. Select "Associate Custom Function" as an action to the criteria and associate the Update Project Status function.

If you have any questions, do leave a comment below or mail to us at:

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