Introducing hashtag groups and supporting carousel posts for Instagram in Zoho Social

Introducing hashtag groups and supporting carousel posts for Instagram in Zoho Social

Hey everyone,
In this Zoho Social update, we've introduced hashtag groups so you can manage all hashtags used across your channels. We've also extended support so you can publish carousel posts on Instagram. Here's a brief about the updates.

Hashtag groups

Hashtags in a social media post help you categorize content by grouping it into relevant topics or keywords. This makes it easy for audiences to search for and follow the content they like.
As a social media manager, it gets tedious including multiple hashtags every time you make a post. To simplify this, we've introduced hashtag groups, which let you group all the hashtags and include them in your post in one go.

Creating hashtag groups

You can create hashtag groups in Settings > Publishing > Hashtag Groups and add up to 30 hashtags to a group. 

Adding hashtag groups to a post

Hashtag groups can be included while creating a new post in Zoho Social. You can select multiple hashtag groups for a post.

Creating carousel posts on Instagram

A carousel lets you add a maximum of 10 images to a post in Zoho Social. It's similar to a slideshow where the audience can swipe left and view the content. This type of content proves to be very effective in sharing your brand's story, promoting a product, answering FAQs, creating step-by-step guides, highlighting customer testimonials, and so on.

Creating a carousel post

A carousel post on Instagram can be created by uploading multiple images. You can add up to four images from the compose window or add 10 images using the customize content option.  

We hope you find this information useful. Try it out and let us know your valuable feedback.

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