Introducing Projects 8.0 - Some features to look out for in our new version!

Introducing Projects 8.0 - Some features to look out for in our new version!

Hello everyone!

It's time for the reveal of the 8th version of Zoho Projects!

This year our focus has been on minimizing the learning curve and improving the ease-of-use of the tool, so anyone new to Projects can hit the ground running and existing users can enjoy a much more instinctive, high-performing user interface.

To support this, we are introducing the worksheet view - an editable sheet for all your project information. With easy editing and navigation, contextual UI enhancements, and an equally powerful mobile app, we promise there's a lot to love!
1. Power user experience
You can now create entire projects over just your keyboard! All your list views such as projects, milestones, tasks and issues and their respective detail pages are all navigable through the keyboard.

You can quickly navigate across rows and columns in a sheet using the arrow keys, and add or edit project information without going into each detail page. You can also organize projects better by moving subtasks across tasks and tasks across tasklists and milestones.


2. Gantt it, right where you want it
This version is all about convenience and what works for you. You can now access your Gantt charts right on the sheet view instead of navigating to reports and also bulk update work items from the Gantt.

Whether you want to manage mini projects that run for a few weeks or large projects that run for years, Zoho Projects can help- view your Gantt in days, weeks, months or years as per your project timeline.


3. Customizations all the way

Create custom fields right from the sheet view to accommodate your unique project or job requirements. You can add these fields using the customize icon placed on the far upper right corner of the screen.

And what's more - you also have access to more than 20 industry specific project templates to help plan projects and get to work faster. So whether you're in construction or in marketing, we've a template or two, ready for you!


4. Automate, however you like

Just like custom fields, automation is also brought into the sheet view so you no longer have to navigate to the setup. Create workflow rules for projects, tasks or issues right from the sheet and empower your teams to do their best work yet.


5. Contextual UI enhancements

Kanban - Inline editing has also been brought to your Kanban boards so you can now make changes to project information, bulk update work items or even add comments and attachments right from the board.

Context Menu - Right clicking on any module, be it the sheet view, Gantt, or Kanban, opens up a context menu from where you can access relevant actions quickly, like the colour wheel for a task on the Gantt chart or the clone function for tasks on the Kanban board.


6. Consistent UX across platforms

Mobile App - With the sheet view brought to mobile as well, you can now enjoy consistent user experience across platforms. In addition, we've also improved the timesheet view, enabled project dashboards and teams for mobile, and added the Calendar module to Android.

And it doesn't stop there! There are many more enhancements that we've added to fit with our theme of familiarity and convenience, such as having a project detail page in both web and mobile similar to the existing task and issue detail pages.

We're excited to hear from you and look forward to your feedback and comments.

The Zoho Projects Team
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