Order Processing Work Flow and Pending Item Report

Order Processing Work Flow and Pending Item Report

Hello, Zoho Community,

Excited to join you all! Our business specializes in building materials trading, and we're currently transitioning from Tally to Zoho Books and Inventory, with existing Zoho One licenses.

We're facing some challenges, particularly in tracking orders and invoicing, detailed as follows:

Pending tracking by item :

    • We send multiple Purchase Orders (POs) to vendors, each containing over 50 items.
    • Vendors partially fulfill these orders, leading to partial invoices.
    • We're struggling to track pending items (items ordered but not yet invoiced or shipped by the vendor).
    • We need a report featuring Item Name, Ordered Quantity, Received Quantity, Pending Quantity, PO Number, Date, and Vendor Name, allowing us to filter by vendor or date.
    • The case is same for Sales order as well.
We believe Zoho Analytics might offer a solution, but we're facing synchronization issues and some limitations. This report is crucial for our follow-up on pending orders.

Fulfilling Sales Orders and Purchase Orders:

Sales order
      We create a Sales Order (SO) with 40 items listed.

      When preparing the package, we find that 10 items from the SO are short in quantity, meaning we can't fulfill the entire order at once.

Invoicing for Packed Items
      Our usual practice is to invoice what we've actually packed. However, Zoho doesn't allow us to invoice just               the packed items directly from the package. To invoice the packed items, we must manually adjust the invoice by reducing the quantities of the 10 short items to match what's in the package while converting the SO.

Alternative Workflow – Invoicing First:
If we start by invoicing the customer for only the items ready to be shipped, we then face a problem in packaging. After invoicing, we can't create a package that matches the invoiced items. We have to go back to the SO, create a package and adjust the items in the package manually to reflect what was actually invoiced. 

We're unsure if we're missing something in our workflow or if there's a better way to manage these processes within Zoho.Could fellow users and Zoho experts share insights or advice on how to efficiently handle these scenarios?

Thank you for your time and assistance.