Open PGP integration with Zoho Mail is now here!

Open PGP integration with Zoho Mail is now here!

Hello Community,

We're in much delight to announce that the long awaited integration of Open PGP with Zoho Mail is now released to users in US, EU, AU and IN DCs.

With this integration. you can now send out encrypted and digitally signed emails which makes Zoho Mail a more secure medium of email communication.

What is PGP?

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption helps users to send encrypted emails to their recipients ensuring privacy and security of their email content. PGP uses a pair of keys (Public and Private) to encrypt and decrypt emails. In addition to encryption, emails can be digitally signed by hashing ensuring the legitimacy of the sender.

PGP integration in Zoho Mail

The integration of PGP with Zoho Mail will help the users to generate and store Public and Private keys right from within their mailbox. They can use the keys (generated within Zoho Mail or any other platform) to encrypt and digitally sign the emails they send.

PGP extension in eWidget

Once the PGP integration is enabled from Zoho Mail settings, it will be available as an extension in the eWidget on the right pane of your mailbox.

The extension will help you to Generate new key pair, Import your keys or Public keys of PGP users, and Export and Delete keys.

Refer to the detailed help guides to use PGP encryption and send emails:

PGP keys and key management:

This feature is available only to organizations that have subscribed to one of our paid plans.
As of now the feature is available for the users in US, EU, IN and AU DCs. It will be released to other DCs in a phased manner.

Do try out the feature and let us know your feedback and suggestions in the comments.