Tip#28: Project Timeline Gantt in Zoho Projects

Tip#28: Project Timeline Gantt in Zoho Projects

Hi Folks!
As part of the tips and tricks series, we are back with a tip on Project Timeline Gantt. 

Here’s how you can use Project Timeline Gantt
1. Prioritize your projects based on percentage completed and focus on the projects that are currently in your pipeline. 
  • Hover over the project name to know percentage completed.

 2. Visualize your projects on the Gantt plotted for 3 consecutive years - previous year, current year and next year.

  • You can adjust the timeline view from fit to max. 
3. Navigate to your project dashboard to see how far the project has progressed and organize your project based on the progress. 
  • Click on the project or the timeline to open the project dashboard. 

Hope you find this useful! If you have any queries, mail to us at support@zohoprojects.com

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