Tip #4: How to schedule and send emails later - Future emails in Zoho Mail

Tip #4: How to schedule and send emails later - Future emails in Zoho Mail

Sending an email doesn't end with using the correct phrases and hitting the send button. 'Timing' the email correctly is equally significant when it comes to business emails, in this age of communication across nations and in varied timezones. 

Wouldn’t it be good if you can draft and send your emails now and time it to reach your recipients at their peak productive time in their own time zone? With the email scheduling feature in Zoho Mail, you can exactly do that.

Steps to schedule an email to send later:
  1. Click Compose to open the editor.
  2. Draft the email as usual.
  3. Add attachments, if any.
  4. Click the Clock icon to setup set up a schedule for the email.
  5. The options readily available are 'After' 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, Tomorrow morning and Tomorrow afternoon.
  6. You can also directly pick a particular date and time to set, apart from the above options. 
  7. Click Send. 
  8. Once you click Send, the email will be moved to the Outbox 
  9. It will be in the Outbox until the time you have scheduled. 
  10. You can edit it or even delete it from the Outbox, in case you change your mind. 

The feature will be useful to send an email quote to a partner or a client in a different time zone. On a casual note, you can even use this to wish someone for their birthday or anniversary without missing it out. 

Try scheduling your emails and let us know if you liked the feature! See you next week with another useful tip! 
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