Work seamlessly with Sheet's shortcuts without affecting the browser

Work seamlessly with Sheet's shortcuts without affecting the browser

Navigating your worksheets and performing specific actions should be a quick and easy process. That's where keyboard shortcuts come in. Shortcut keys help you accomplish tasks more efficiently, eliminating the need to move away from the keyboard.

What are alternate keyboard shortcuts and how do they work?

Zoho Sheet's shortcut keys, similar to browser shortcuts, will restrict the spreadsheet-specific shortcuts to work from. To help users access Sheet's shortcuts alone, we've introduced a set of alternate keyboard shortcuts to replace shortcuts that are similar to browser shortcuts.

By default, the Override browser shortcuts option will be enabled. You can disable it anytime if you wish to use your browser's shortcuts.


Zoho Sheet keyboard shortcuts (Mac/Windows)
Alternate keyboard shortcuts (Mac/Windows)

Redo last action

Cmd + Option + Y
Ctrl + Alt + Y
Cmd + Y
Ctrl + Y

Add/Edit hyperlink

Cmd + Option + K
Ctrl + Alt + K
Cmd + K
Ctrl + K

Fill down

Cmd + Option + D
Ctrl + Alt + D
Cmd + D
Ctrl + D

Fill to the right

Cmd + Option + R
Cmd + Alt + R
Cmd + R
Ctrl + R


Cmd + Shift + H
Ctrl + Shift + H
Ctrl + H
Ctrl + H

Open format cells dialog

Cmd + Option + 1
Ctrl + Alt + 1
Cmd + 1
Ctrl + 1

Along with these alternate keyboard shortcuts, we've introduced a set of shortcut keys to help you quickly navigate Sheet's menus.




Ctrl + Option + F
Ctrl + Alt + F


Ctrl + Option + E
Ctrl + Alt + E


Ctrl + Option + V
Ctrl + Alt + V


Ctrl + Option + I
Ctrl + Alt + I


Ctrl + Option + O
Ctrl + Alt + O


Ctrl + Option + A
Ctrl + Alt + A


Ctrl + Option + S
Ctrl + Alt + S


Ctrl + Option + H
Ctrl + Alt + H

Click here to view the complete list of keyboard shortcuts in Zoho Sheet.

Use these shortcut keys in your spreadsheets and let us know how efficient they are in the comments!

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