Zoho CRM Community Digest - September 2023

Zoho CRM Community Digest - September 2023

Hello everyone! 

Ready for a quick September roundup? We've got all the exciting announcements and engaging discussions neatly packed in this digest. Let's dive in! 


Every year, we recognize the top community contributors by conferring the MVP award. These are enthusiastic community members, who can either be Zoho customers or dedicated partners, generously assisting fellow community members! 

Let's pause and extend our appreciation to the Zoho MVP batch of 2023 here.

Product Updates:  

Customizing Unsubscribe Page:

Now, you can personalize messaging in both the unsubscribe landing page and the success display message when a subscriber opts out of emails.Use merge fields to integrate CRM data seamlessly and tailor your messaging. For more details, click here.

Bounced Email Management:

We have simplified the process of managing bounced emails with our latest enhancement - Email bounce management. Previously, bounces were categorized as hard and soft bounce. Now we've re categorized bounces into permanent and temporary depending upon the nature of the problem. This allows you to unblock the email address directly from Zoho CRM in case of temporary bounce, reducing dependency on our support to an extent. Additionally, we've added bi-annual reviews, to help unblock email addresses automatically if the issues related to bounce are resolved. Learn more about it here

Keyboard Shortcuts :

Keyboard Shortcuts, one of the most anticipated features, is now made available in Zoho CRM. This facilitates actions across different sections in Zoho CRM like Record Create/Edit/Clone page, Records list view, Record details view, apart from shortcuts to switch between tabs/modules. We offer default and customizable options to fit your preferences. This post gives you detailed information on all you have to know about keyboard shortcuts. 

Sandbox support for Canvas:

Canvas provides an unparalleled level of customization for your Zoho CRM interface. Considering the significant UI transformation it brings, having a real-time test environment is essential for thorough implementation testing prior to deploying it in your production CRM account. The recent enhancement in Zoho CRM's Sandbox facilitates precisely that. Now, you can bring your Canvas components into the mix, experiment with modifications, and try them in a safe sandbox environment before going live. Learn more. 

Email Credibility Dashboard: 

Introducing the Email Credibility dashboard, a powerful tool designed for administrators to enhance email sending practices within Zoho CRM. This feature accesses the credibility of emails sent from the CRM and assigns organizations a score between 1-100 based on spam complaints and bounces over a specific timeframe. The dashboard also offers tailored recommendations to boost your credibility score. Check this post for more details.

 Zoho User Group Meetups:

Get ready for an exciting lineup of ZUG meetups spanning across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and more! Click here to explore the upcoming meetups in your region and secure your spot now.

Useful Discussion:

  • @Nick was seeking advice on managing client information and legal requirements using ZohoSign and Zoho CRM. He'd like to send ZohoSign documents for legal compliance, update client data securely, and collect client needs via forms. So, this conversation captures different insights, providing valuable suggestions. Learn more. 

  • Refer to this post for a concise overview of when to choose between importing and migrating CRM records. Understanding these distinctions can be crucial in making informed decisions about your data management strategy.

  • Check out how to remove watermarks from ZOHO Writer Mail Merge templates sent in batches from Zoho CRM. Learn more


  • @Yohei was seeking a way to update a field with data from a sub-form in the same module. Check out the solution shared by @Bhoomi Joshi in this post, which provides the necessary code to achieve this.

  • @Dan Hope sought assistance in auto-updating an empty field using data from the same module. @Hugh Marshall adjusted the code provided by @Dan Hope, rectifying the issue. More details can be found in this post.

  • For those seeking an automatic way to update lead names in proper case, check the Function that @Sunderjan Siddharth with @Eric Jensen in this post.

  • Kudos to @60008419612@zohoclosedAccount.com for sharing the code that retrieves both the new and old owner IDs of a lead when provided with the lead ID.

  • Here's a code shared by @Sunderjan Siddharth to automatically update the "Time_Zone" field for a lead based on the first three digits of the provided phone number.

  • Check out this conversation where they delve into creating a fresh record in a custom module using Functions while addressing and resolving the issues they encountered.

Dev's Corner: 

  • Discover how to gently remind users to fill out non-mandatory fields with a simple prompt. @Hugh Marshall has shared a client script-based solution in this post.

  • Explore this post to find how to resolve authentication issues for a seamless connection with Xero.

  • @Frederik Samberg found their Client Script Wizard in @Nik and @Haiku Technical Support. This post provides a detailed guide on how to automatically update a second date field in real-time based on the value entered in the first date field using Client Script.


  • (Kaizen #101) - This post has answers for a few more questions you had for us related to Assignment Rules and Widgets. 

  • (Kaizen #102) - As a continuation of our 100th post, this post has answers the remaining questions posted in the feedback. 

  • (Kaizen #103) - This post covers the features of Bulk Write API, and explained in detail the first two steps involved in using Bulk Write API and how to implement the same using Zoho CRM PHP SDK. 

  • (Kaizen #104) - In this post, you can learn how to create a bulk write job, fetch the job status, and download the results.

Thanks for taking the time to read this month's round-up. Keep tabs on the digest every month for the latest ideas and discussions. Stay tuned and engage in the forums to be included in the next month's digest. Have a wonderful month!



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