Zoho Projects: Quarterly Updates | Q3 2022

Zoho Projects: Quarterly Updates | Q3 2022

Dear Users,

In the third quarter, we implemented a few new features and updates to improve user experience. Here is a summary of the most significant developments.

Timesheet Settings

Members of a team can now be granted access to log time for tasks or issues associated with the team. This is in addition to the previous options, when only the task and issue owners or any project member could log time.

Mobile and API Access

Have greater control over who can access Zoho Projects mobile applications and APIs by enabling or disabling the options as per business requirement.

Drag and Drop Function in the Calendar

Easy-to-use, drag and drop function in the Week and Day view of the calendar to create events and other work items quickly.

Project Configuration

Task dependency settings can be configured at a project level. This will affect only the selected project while retaining the portal level setting for all other projects.

Custom Views in Issues

Create custom views to personalize the Issues module in the Work Overview section. Relevant user-specific criteria and filters can be utilized to generate specific views.

Revenue Budget

Create a revenue budget and keep track of expected payment for a project. Examine profitability by comparing the budgeted, planned, and actual revenue.

Fonts and Font Sizes

Select a typeface to customize Zoho Projects to your preference. Set a font size to enhance readability throughout product.


Import project data along with tags when importing from an XLS, JSON, or CSV file. The keywords stay associated with their tasks and can also be used to tag other modules.

Check out the What's New page to remain up-to-date on the most recent features and updates.

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