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    • We heard you. You can now associate multiple contacts to a deal!

      A deal often involves multiple decision makers. Let's assume Zylker furniture is using Bigin to manage their sales pipeline. They are approached by a firm that wants to purchase some furniture. However, employees at different departments in the firm must
    • Data export enhancements

      Greetings, Previously, exporting data in Bigin would download all fields in the view. With this enhancement, however, you can select the specific fields you want to export. Let's say you only want to download the customer's details, such as their name,
    • Assign owner actions in workflows

      Greetings, Previously, in Bigin, you could assign owners by updating the appropriate field. However, this method only allowed you to choose one owner at a time. To enhance this process, we've introduced a new Assign Owner action, which enables you to
    • Important announcement regarding Gmail's new Email sender guidelines

      What is this announcement about? Google has recently announced a new set of guidelines for sending emails from/to Gmail accounts, which will come into effect from tomorrow, Feb 1, 2024. They're enforcing stringent authentication requirements to improve
    • Enhancements to List View

      Greetings, We’re happy to announce a set of enhancements to the List View, which gives you more flexibility in personalizing how you view data inside Bigin. It introduces a more refined and interactive interface, optimizing the user experience for efficient
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    • issue with zoho.bigin.attachFile function

      Hi , By using this snippet to attach a file to the deal, // to fetch file from the cloud using invokeUrl task fileVar = invokeurl [ url :"https" + file type :GET ]; //Upload an attachment *** resp3a = zoho.bigin.attachFile("Deals",dealId,fileVar,"webhookentrant__zoauthconnection");
    • Trigger workflow based on email status

      It would be great to be able to trigger a workflow based on the status of an email sent from within Bigin. For example, I would like to create a workflow that generates an email alert or creates a task after a contact opened an email and did not respond
    • How to keep image on imported html template

      Hi , I have imported a template via html insert. Everything was fine after import, I even sent emails using the template. After a few days, all images are no longer present in my template. Why is this?
    • Sending an email to a Supplier in Bigin

      Hello, May I ask whether emails can be sent from the Supplier module? I can't see they can, as the supplier information is stored here including their email contact, I can't see this can be clicked on for an email to be sent. Thank you Hayley
    • Issue with zoho.bigin.updateRecord function

      Hi , By using this snippet to update deal status, //Delete-Update status existing Deal before creating a new (to avoid duplicate) *** info "isEmpy : " + resp0.isEmpty(); if(resp0.isEmpty() == false) { dealId = resp0.getJson("data").getJson("id"); record