Enhancements to List View

Enhancements to List View


We’re happy to announce a set of enhancements to the List View, which gives you more flexibility in personalizing how you view data inside Bigin. It introduces a more refined and interactive interface, optimizing the user experience for efficient data handling and exploration.                     

Below are the enhancements we’ve been working on.
  1. Resize Column:
    You can modify the width of columns for a more tailored and concise display of information. It allows you to prioritize specific data based on individual preferences and data priorities.

  2. Drag-and-Drop:
    You can now rearrange columns through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This facilitates a personalized data arrangement to suit your preferences and workflow requirements.

  3. Create Fields from the List View: 
    Now you can create fields right from the List View by clicking on the + icon at the top-right corner of the header.

  4. Action Menu for each column:  
    With this update, we’re introducing an action menu for each column to perform quick actions specific to the data in the column. A list of options is available under this menu, such as:
  • Sort: You can arrange data in ascending or descending order based on selected column values.

  • Filter: You can apply filters to quickly narrow down data based on specific criteria.

  • Rename/Edit Field: You can modify custom fields and rename them, and the properties can be changed for the system-defined field. You cannot rename a system-defined field.  

  • Bulk Update: Updating values in bulk just got easier. You now have the bulk update option right inside the Actions menu for each column.

  • Add Column: You can include new columns into the list view easily.

  • Collapse: You can streamline the display by collapsing specific columns, which optimizes the screen focus. You can also expand it again by simply clicking on the collapsed column.

  • Move Right/Left: You can shift columns left or right for precise organization within the List View.

  • Auto Fit Column: You can automatically adjust column width to fit the content.

  • Remove Column: You can remove unnecessary columns to declutter the view and spotlight essential information. Please note that this just removes the column from the List View and does not delete the underlying field from the module.

  • Delete Field: Using this option, you can delete a field from the module and move it to the Unused Fields section.

To learn more about this enhancement and List View, please refer to this help document.

That's all for these enhancements. We sincerely hope you find them useful. Please give them a try and provide us with feedback in the comments section below. Watch this space for future announcements