Attention Workplace admins - Migrate your files from Zoho Docs to Zoho WorkDrive

Attention Workplace admins - Migrate your files from Zoho Docs to Zoho WorkDrive

Dear all, 

As mentioned in this announcement, Zoho WorkDrive is now available across all Workplace plans to enable team collaboration.

Zoho WorkDrive provides common file storage for teams and enables collaboration among organization members. Zoho WorkDrive provides a platform for team members to create files, share with the team members and also allow secure storage of files. Refer here to check the available WorkDrive storage across various Workplace plans. 

Zoho WorkDrive will replace Zoho Docs in Workplace, for Workplace subscriptions. In Zoho Workplace, Zoho Docs will be deprecated from 30 November, 2021 and the Zoho Workplace users will be able to use only Zoho WorkDrive post the change. We request you to initiate the migration process for your organization. 

To ensure smooth transition, we have released the migration tool to migrate your organization data from Zoho Docs to Zoho WorkDrive. The administrators can now migrate the existing data from Zoho Docs to Zoho WorkDrive. This migration is a one-time process. Your data and all the files will be moved from Zoho Docs to Zoho WorkDrive. 

Refer here for detailed instructions to migrate your organization to Zoho WorkDrive. We highly recommend you to complete the migration as early as possible. 

Feel free to reach out to our support team at support (at) zohomail (dot) com for further details in this regard. 

Ramya A 

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