Daily Unknown Update Notification

Daily Unknown Update Notification

I see this notification on a daily basis popping up in the middle of the screen,

We’ve fine-tuned Zoho Invoice under the hood. When you find time, refresh this tab to experience the latest Zoho Invoice. 

When I ask for support, they say it's an "optimization of the application" and won't give you any more details.

I have two questions,

1 ~ Out of all the Zoho applications, Zoho Invoice is the only one that needs an update everyday?

2 ~ Why are major updates of the application shown in the "What's New" section of the application, but minor updates no one cannot explain shown as a pop-up literally every day?

When I enter such confidential data into a system, seeing nonsense kind of concerns me.

Could this be an auto notification to make the user think the application is being updated, but there isn't a real change in the backend?

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