Enhance the security of your data through efficient backup solutions

Enhance the security of your data through efficient backup solutions

Backup and restore support is now available for all your WorkDrive content through ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus.

Introducing the ChangesAPI in WorkDrive!

These APIs enable the identification of specific changes made within a WorkDrive team, saving time and resources by transferring only the details of modified files and folders, rather than the entire team's data.

With this, WorkDrive now provides full and incremental backup support, ensuring the secure storage of your valuable data. Any third-party backup solution providers can now integrate with WorkDrive and offer full and incremental backups for WorkDrive by utilizing the enhanced listing API and changes API, respectively.

ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus offers the following features for Zoho WorkDrive Backup:
  • Automate your backups: Set up automated backups with flexible scheduling options (daily, weekly, or monthly) to ensure regular data backups.

  • Efficient incremental backup: RecoveryManager Plus supports incremental backup, enabling the retrieval of modified and new data since the last backup, saving you time and effort.

  • Multiple storage choices: Save your backup files on your local desktop, Network Attached Storage (NAS), or Azure cloud, according to your preference.

  • Download option and data retention settings: Users can download the backed-up files and folders directly from ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus. Additionally, they can set up a data retention policy to retain those backup items forever, which helps in compliance.

  • Quick restoration: Easily retrieve deleted WorkDrive files and folders directly within the RecoveryManager Plus application.

  • Preview before restoration: Enjoy the convenience of previewing the list of files and folders within Zoho WorkDrive backups before initiating the restoration process.

Pricing for ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus starts at 95$/Year for 10 WorkDrive users. Learn more

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Watch this space for more exciting Zoho WorkDrive updates.

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