Extension Pointers - Simple yet significant pointers #6: Adding and deleting developers

Extension Pointers - Simple yet significant pointers #6: Adding and deleting developers

Adding and deleting developers in an extension
To perform different functionalities with different applications, it may be necessary to create multiple extensions on the Zoho Developer platform, Sigma. You may develop an entire extension on your own, or require the addition of some developers to a specific extension in order for them to codevelop the extension with you and test its functionalities in a sandbox.
How to add developers to an extension
Choose Add Developer from the left panel of the Zoho Developer console, under Integrate. Click Add Developer.

Choose click here from the Add Developer dialogue box.

Enter the User Name and Email address in the Add User dialogue box to invite the user to your portal. Click Invite.

An invite will then be sent to the user. 

On clicking Okay, a select list with the user added will be displayed, but the status will be "Not confirmed".

Once the user accepts the invite to join your portal, the user will be associated with your extension, and can access and make changes to the extension.
Note: Though the user is added directly from inside an extension space, when the user accepts the portal invite, they will be associated with the workspace as well.

How to delete developers from an extension
To delete a developer from an extension, simply click on the trash icon available to the far right of the developer's name.

Click Yes to confirm and remove the developer from your extension space. 

The developer will then be deleted from the extension.
Note: Deleting a developer from an extension will remove them from the extension alone, but will still keep them associated with the workspace access they gained while accepting the invite. However, if the developer is deleted from the Sigma workspace, then they will be removed from all associated extensions.