Facebook Lead ADS integration

Facebook Lead ADS integration

Hi Bigin Team.

I would like to propose 01 integration that can greatly improve Bigin without changing its basic characteristics. It would be the integration with the Facebook and Linkedin Forms.

It is common for marketing teams to capture leads in form campaigns on social networks. It is one of the most efficient channels we have, and it generates a lot of leads.

However, to integrate leads to Bigin it is necessary to use the Zapier platform (or similar), as Zoho Flow does not have any integration with social networks. Thus, there is an additional cost and a more complex configuration to insert the lead in Bigin.

We try to use Zoho Social that has this functionality, but it is 100% closed to any external integration with other tools, even the Zoho platform. We were only able to export the leads to a CSV file, which is not viable in an efficient and automated business process.

I believe there would be a significant gain for the tool and it would be extremely strategic for the commercial teams to work independently from the marketing team, creating different distribution processes and lead qualification at Bigin.

An example: In the data of the leads captured, in addition to common fields (name, email, phone, ...), we have other data such as: campaigns, ads, locations, interest, etc., and these data can be used to distribute the leads to sellers or qualify in different pielines at Bigin.

What does Zoho think about this integration? Would it be possible to take advantage of what has already been developed in Zoho Social and implement it in Bigin?

Thank you!