How to get embedded Dashboard from Analytics to ALWAYS show in Zoho Show

How to get embedded Dashboard from Analytics to ALWAYS show in Zoho Show

We use Zoho Show to run my teams Sales meeting. On the left hand of the slide we capture weekly notes/progress on the fly as a team and the right hand of the slide we have a dashboard from analytics embedded to show things like up to date YTD/MTD sales, contact info, Regional facilities mapped out, salesmanship activity by customer, etc. The image below is an example (most of the info is blurred out for proprietary reasons, but visually you should get the idea)

The problem I am having, and would love if you could develop or provide a fix, is that unless I click preview in the bottom right corned of the embedded dashboard, none of the data is displayed. I would prefer it if the data just always was visible without having to click preview (if embedded on a website, the data is always visible; why is this different?) Image below as an example

Having the embedded dashboard always visible will solve two problems for me.

1 - I don't have to wait for the data to load every time we change customer slides (we have over 150 customers/slides we review)

2 - When i click into the notes text box on the d side of the slide (blurred image) if I had the dashboard previewed/loaded, then once I click into that text box to add changes all the data/images from the embedded dashboard reverts back to that standard thumbnail image

Thanks for any help. It would be great if there was a way around this nuisance 

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