Introducing 15 new Zoho Sheet functions

Introducing 15 new Zoho Sheet functions

Zoho Sheet supports more than 350 predefined functions across a wide range of categories, like Text, Financial, and Spreadsheet. We released the LAMBDA function in 2021. Now, we are adding more LAMBDA functions, along with some highly convenient text and spreadsheet functions. Read more about these functions below.

Text functions 


This function allows you to combine values from a range of cells into a single array of text values separated by ";" for columns and "|" for rows. You can choose to display them as simple text or as an array inside the cell.
Try it out with the embedded range below!


Using this function, you can split a text string into multiple rows and columns with your desired delimiters. While the SPLIT() function helps you split text into adjacent cells in a row, TEXTSPLIT() can be used for splitting text into adjacent cells in a column as well.
Try it out with the embedded range below!



Use these functions to retrieve part of any text string with your desired characters as the delimiters. For example, you can use the TEXTBEFORE() function to extract the user names from email addresses with @ as the delimiter.
Try it out with the embedded range below!


Spreadsheet functions 


Still copy-pasting rows/columns from one table to another? Quickly locate and retrieve any desired rows or columns from your data set using these two functions.
Try it out with the embedded range below!


Here's another way to avoid manually copy-pasting values to restructure a data table. Quickly arrange any set/range of values into an ordered array either by column or by row.
Try it out with the embedded range below!


Resize data tables without losing any values using the EXPAND() function. Not a fan of error values occupying the extra cells in your array? Simply fill in your desired value.
Try it out with the embedded range below!


LAMBDA functions 

We have added six new LAMBDA functions to help you perform customized calculations within your spreadsheets.
  • MAP()
  • REDUCE()
  • SCAN()
  • BYROW()
  • BYCOL()
Click here to learn more about the new LAMBDA functions.
Let us know which functions you're looking forward to using in your spreadsheets in the comment section.

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