Introducing Forms in Zoho Sheet

Introducing Forms in Zoho Sheet

We hereby bring you the power of ​forms in Zoho Sheet. ​Now, build and create your own customized forms using Zoho Sheet. Be it compiling a questionnaire or rolling out a survey, Zoho Sheet can do it all for you. Forms is an excellent feature that helps you collect information in the simplest of ways and having it in Zoho Sheet takes it a notch higher.

Build Simple yet Powerful forms
Building forms using Zoho Sheet is fairly simple. The exclusive 'Form' tab lets you create one quickly. Whether you are an amateur dealing with forms or a pro running short on time to design one, our drag and drop builder with a number of predefined fields comes in handy. Click on 'Form' tab and choose the 'Create Form' option and voilà there it is - the drag and drop builder.

Once you have chosen a field, drag & drop it into the Form Builder and there you go! Building forms can't get simpler!

Organize, Analyze, Visualize
The Form being linked to a spreadsheet lets you take your data further. Formulate the data obtained from the form, organize them into tables and visualize them as charts. What more, throw some action onto the data using ​Pivot Table functionality as well.

Personalize your Forms
The feature also allows you to personalize your form to your needs. From changing the field properties of your Form elements to configuring Rules for fields, you can do it all with ease. The 'Themes' option takes personalization to the next level. Pick one from a plethora of themes to best suit your audience.

Choose your Respondents

There are a number of ways by which you can publish your form. Be it publishing within your organization or sharing it with members of the Public, you can do it with the click of a button. You can also choose to share it as a link or embed it in your website/blog.

So why wait? Start surveying in style and thanks to the Power of cloud that you can do it all on the go!

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