We're thrilled to announce the Fixed and Flexible Shift Patterns, catering to your diverse workforce needs! Zoho Workerly now empowers you to choose between Fixed and Flexible Shift Patterns, tailoring your schedule to the needs of each job and temp.

Fixed Shift Pattern

Ideal for:

Jobs with defined dates and times, like holiday season retail or event staffing.


Predictable schedules, streamlined management, perfect for consistent needs.

Flexible Shift Pattern

Ideal for:

Jobs with changing duration or ad hoc requirements, like project-based work or on-call services.


Adaptability, seamless staffing during fluctuations, perfect for dynamic situations.

Agents can personalize their job creation experience by selecting their desired shift patterns.
Experience enhanced flexibility and efficiency in managing your workforce! Share your thoughts and feedback with us. We're here to make your workforce management experience better than ever!

For more information on utilizing this feature, refer to our help article on Shift Patterns. As always, reach out to our stellar customer support team at support@zohoworkerly.com if you have any questions or suggestions, drop a comment below.

With regards,
Team Zoho Workerly