Need Help Determining Fit For Learn in External-Only Document Repository Scenario

Need Help Determining Fit For Learn in External-Only Document Repository Scenario

Hello Zoho Learn community, I have a question that's been really perplexing.  I hope you can help.  I always have the feeling that Zoho might be the greatest business platform ever created, but then I go into the actual tools and the online information and find I have absolutely no idea how to use almost any of the tools; nor are there anywhere close to a decent number of examples and references provided online.  So again, hoping this group can help.

We need a solution for publishing online product manuals for customers to read.  This is 100% an external scenario-- no internal HR, training, courses, etc.  Just interactive, rich HTML online manuals.  Currently we are using which is a great system, but I have a feeling that Learn (or another Zoho Suite app) might be able to replace it.

I've tried making a guide with Learn, but the mobile experience is sorely lacking compared to Dozuki, which has its own dedicated app (though Learn has its own all also...).  Images render poorly, text is clipped, and overall it's not a good mobile experience.  We also need the ability to place in-image annotations.  Here is an example of one of our current guides in Dozuki.

Can anything like this be done in Learn, or in any other Zoho One app?  Anyone who's done anything like this, or even tried-- I'd love to hear your experiences and if possible, see a live example of a well-crafted guide (that I can view through the mobile Learn app).

Thank you very much in advance-- again I always have the feeling Zoho can change our world, I just am always shocked by the lack of examples and reference architectures provided.

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