problem using Deluge function in my Flow

problem using Deluge function in my Flow

Hi everyone.

I decided today to try to solve a problem using Deluge function in my Flow.

For this I need to get all the products that lie in the sales order on which the trigger in Flow was triggered.

This is the line where the error occurs:

inventoryOrder = zoho.inventory.getRecordsByID("SalesOrders",XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,MySO_ID);

The system returns this error message to me:

{"code":14, "message": "The request could not be authenticated as the authentication value you entered is invalid. Enter a valid authentication value and try again."}

I have checked, organization number, here the data is correct.

In Flow application, I have created a connection "MaxZohoInventoryConnection" with Zoho Inventory.

However, trying to specify this connection in the getRecordsByID method tells me that such a connection does not exist.

As a result, the status is as follows - Flow executes normally, passes the correct data to the custom function, but the function does not get access to the required record.

Please help me to solve the problem.