Spotlight series #15: Position slide elements precisely with grids, guides, and objects

Spotlight series #15: Position slide elements precisely with grids, guides, and objects

Hello everyone,

The features in the spotlight this month are Grids, Guides, and Objects.

A perfectly designed presentation consists of concise content, apt visual elements, and a consistent layout. While the content is tailored according to your audience, You can use Show's add-ons to enhance the visual appeal of your presentation. To ensure the elements in your slides are aligned properly, try Grids, Guides, and Objects.

Grids, Guides, and Objects help you create well-aligned, consistent, and professional-looking slides. 


Grids are horizontal and vertical lines that make a grid comprised of one-inch squares. These squares provide a structured layout you can use to create consistent slides. Position your slide elements within the lines to ensure they're properly aligned. You can drag and drop the slide elements (text boxes, shapes, or images), and Grids will snap them to the nearest anchor point for precise positioning. 

Use case:
Say you are using icons as bullet points in a slide. Grids will enable you to maintain consistent spacing between any two icons as you place them. 


Guides are horizontal and vertical lines intersecting at the center of the slide. Guides, like grids, help with consistent spacing between objects in a slide. You can drag the horizontal and vertical lines to suit your design. You can also position the guide lines at desired intervals to ensure specific margins or distances are maintained between elements.

Use case:
Say you are adding comparison tables to a slide. Guides help you to position the tables on the right and left side of the slide to ensure the tables are aligned with precision.


Objects help you to align, position, and resize a given object relative to the other objects in the slide. When you drag the corners of any object to resize it, the smart guide will appear to show you when it matches the size of other objects in the slide. Smart guides will also appear to help you distribute and position objects within a slide for seamless designing. 

Use case:
Say you are creating a timeline slide to showcase the chronological events of your company's growth. You can use Objects to ensure all the elements in the slide are aligned, distributed, and sized uniformly.