Zoho Contract Update Error

Zoho Contract Update Error

Hello Team

I am trying to update a contract Using Zoho Contract Update API, But I am getting an error if anyone has any idea, Please share.

I am sharing the sample code and Error

Sample Zoho Contract Update Code

  1. //........Contract Get Data
  2. ContractData = invokeurl
  3. [
  4. url :"https://contracts.zoho.com/api/v1/contracts/222"
  5. type :GET
  6. connection:"zohocontract"
  7. ];
  8. updatemap = Map();
  9. updatemap.put("source",5);
  10. //...........Update Contract..........
  11. finalList = List();
  12. firstmap = Map();
  13. firstmap.put("metaApiName","isRenewable");
  14. secondmapList = List();
  15. secondmap = Map();
  16. secondmap.put("inputApiName","isRenewable");
  17. secondmap.put("inputValue","true");
  18. secondmapList.add(secondmap);
  19. firstmap.put("inputs",secondmapList);
  20. finalList.add(firstmap);
  21. ///..........................................
  22. updatemap.put("inputfields",finalList);
  23. UpdateContact = invokeurl
  24. [
  25. url :"https://contracts.zoho.com/api/v1/contracts/222"
  26. type :PUT
  27. parameters:updatemap.toString()
  28. connection:"zohocontract"
  29. ];
  30. info UpdateContact;
Error Message:-

  • {"Errors":{"ErrorCode":"ZSEC-PATTERN_NOT_MATCHED","ErrorMessage":"Sorry, unable to complete your action due to an unknown error. Please try again.","APIErrorMessage":"PATTERN_NOT_MATCHED"}}
Thank & Regards
Piyush Goyal

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