Zoho CRM to send Zoho Survey via Actions by Zoho Flow

Zoho CRM to send Zoho Survey via Actions by Zoho Flow

Hello all,

Hopefully you can help me learn a bit more so I can accomplish my  goal.

I would like to send a Zoho Survey via email every time a Zoho CRM Sales Order's  meets a certain criteria. I am using Zoho CRM's Workflow Rules/Actions to trigger an "Actions by Zoho Flow". That Action is supposed to send my Zoho Survey to the recipient. For now the recipient is a hard coded email for testing but ultimately it will be a variable field with an email address.  I follow the prompts in Zoho CRM to set up an Action by Zoho Flow but the email does not appear to be sending. I do not know where in Zoho Survey I would would find and modify the settings for this automated email.

I have read through the community portal and I have not had any luck. I think this may be an easy way to do what I want but having a hard time finding documentation on if this is possible and if so what I am missing. Thanks!

Workflow Rule to trigger in Zoho CRM
When setting up an "Action by Zoho Flow" it give me an option to "Send Survey"
I then populate this page. To date no emails have come through.