Zoho Flow Setup Between CRM and Books Issue

Zoho Flow Setup Between CRM and Books Issue

I'm trying to setup the following flow between CRM and Books: 

  1. CRM record updated (tag added)
  2. Create Customer in Books
  3. Create Invoice for Customer 

When I enter the information required for step 2. (create customer), one of the mandatory fields is "display name". IT does not allow me to skip this field nor does it let me enter something to indicate that it is dynamic (i.e the display name will be different for each customer). When I enter a random string of text, and then try to test/debug the flow, I get stuck on step 2. because zoho books will either already have a record of the customer name (i.e duplicate) OR it won't recognize the customer name. 

Am I doing something wrong? Any help/direction would be great. Please see images below.