Zoho Support: Automate your way to Productivity using Time based Actions

Zoho Support: Automate your way to Productivity using Time based Actions

To avoid pitfalls in customer support leading to lower customer satisfaction, longer response cycles, increased support cost, automation and productivity improvements become a must have. In this endeavor we at Zoho Support have bolstered the existing automation options with Time bases Actions and Macros.

Time based actions are used to monitor your help-desk for pre-defined actions every one hour. So the next time when you see a massive pile-up of tickets in your help-desk queue, don't fret. Setup Time based Actions to trigger alerts when a new ticket remains unassigned for extended number of hours or close a ticket in x hours when you didn't hear back from your customer. These options and many more would help you to decrease your support load and provide support on time.  Besides sending notifications, you can assign tasks and update fields as well.

You can setup a time based rule under Setup >> Automation >> Time based Actions. Remember, you can setup a maximum of 10 time based rules/department in Professional and 15 in Enterprise edition. To learn more about setting up a time based rule, click here.

Besides Time based Actions, we have released Macros. Macros, unlike regular workflows are predefined rules that can be invoked manually by support agents. They can be used to define rules and actions that automatically modify a request besides notifying users and creating tasks. Initially we did have this as one of the option while setting up a workflow. However for more clarity in configuring & managing automation, Macros are now provided as a separate setting under Automation. To learn more about setting up a macro, click here.

Indeed there is more to be happier with this move.  Before Macros were made available the workflows were limited to 5 in Professional & 20 in Enterprise which includes setting up one for manual application. However now you can setup 10/20 Macros per department based upon the edition you're in.

Before we close here is the last one. We hate spam as much as you do. So, we built spam filtering right into Zoho Support to keep spam away from genuine support tickets. Click on the check box next to a ticket and select Mark Spam. It’s that simple.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to automation and setup your first time-based rule or a macro. If you need any assistance while setup, do not hesitate to write to us at support@zohosupport.com. Also take a moment to share with us your feedback about these features. 

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