Zoho Tables

Zoho Tables

Hello everyone,

We're currently exploring Zoho tables as a potential alternative to traditional spreadsheets. There are a few features that caught my attention, but unfortunately, they are not yet available. However, I remain optimistic that they might be introduced in the near future.

To gain clarity, could someone from the relevant team please verify whether the following features are planned for release soon?

  1. Reporting and analytics capabilities based on data entered in tables, including features like reports, dashboards, and more.
  2. The ability to link two schemas together.
  3. Automatic updates or notifications to other Zoho apps, such as Zoho CRM or Zoho Cliqs, based on field changes.
  4. Support for Date time fields (Currently, only Date is supported).
  5. Support for Lookup fields in Form View.
  6. Automation options, including the ability to add a custom Deluge script.
  7. API support and documentation similar to what's available for Smartsheets.
  8. Auto-shrinking of large images to optimize view time, especially when dealing with significant file sizes.
  9. Styling of form and two-column layout. E.g I want the First and last name fields horizontally aligned. 
  10. Captcha to avoid bot attacks. 

Though my wish list includes several other features, I'm particularly interested in knowing if Zoho plans to implement the ones mentioned above and when we might expect a stable release.

Thank you all for your attention, and I look forward to receiving some updates on these potential enhancements.